Whether they are real or fake, hordes of people are trying to get their hands on Lionel Messi jerseys since his move to Inter Miami. A scorching start to his time in Major League Soccer only complemented his passionate international fan base. With droves of people going to DRV PNK Stadium to see games, some people are taking advantage of the frenzy.

As we reported last week, counterfeiters are benefitting from people’s desire to have Messi Miami merchandise. Shirts, jerseys, hats and any other kind of merchandise are available at the stadium. Of course, this is not at the official shops at DRV PNK Stadium. Instead, vendors waiting just outside the gates have bags of merchandise that fans can buy.

The kicker is that many of these options are cheap, very cheap. If an official Inter Miami kit costs over $130, these counterfeiters are selling replicas for a fraction of that. Sure, the quality is lower and it may have the slightest of differences. Still, few can argue about the price point.

Pieter Brown from Futbol Miami TV filmed some of these vendors following Inter Miami’s most recent game. At times, he saw counterfeit jerseys selling for just $20.

“[Fans] don’t care if it is official, or if it’s a replica, or if it’s a knockoff or if it’s counterfeit. They’re buying it,” Brown said after Inter Miami topped Orlando City. “These [vendors] are making a ton of money.”

See Futbol Miami TV’s video below:

Fans are lining up and crowding around these vendors. Clearly, there is a desire to acquire kits, regardless of the quality. At the end of the day, the biggest factor for so many soccer fans is simply price.

Fake Messi Miami jerseys are a hot commodity

Even though the real Messi jerseys are backlogged through October, the fake Inter Miami kits are selling fast, too. Look no further than Brown’s video that shows how many people are waiting to buy.

“Any time after the game you see a group of people together, they’re looking at Messi shirts. Counterfeit Messi shirts, everywhere. People are just going nuts for them,” Brown said.

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Perhaps comically, it is not just the Inter Miami counterfeit merchandise that is on offer. In the Futbol Miami TV video, there are scarves that declare Messi the GOAT and counterfeit Barcelona bucket hats.

It is not illegal to buy these jerseys, but it is illegal to sell them. Brown questioned how long this will continue before Inter Miami or the police puts an end to this criminal activity. A major part of Messi’s deal with Inter Miami is profit sharing with Adidas. Undoubtedly, the sale of counterfeit jerseys hurts any potential profits for the player, club and league.

Futbol Miami TV continues following Messi’s inaugural season with Inter Miami and the different effects of what happens. The YouTube channel follows every game and has done gameday vlogs for each Messi home game thus far.


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