UEFA has officially unveiled their first round of ticketing information for Euro 2024 in Germany.

The governing body of the sport in Europe had 1.2 million tickets available in their opening application period. This timeframe began on October 3rd and ran until Thursday, October 26th. However, UEFA received over 20 million ticket applicants from more than 200 countries during this span.

According to UEFA, they received over seven million ticket requests in the first 24 hours of the initial application period. Germany, unsurprisingly, had the most amount of fans to request these tickets.

In fact, 65% of all applicants were from the host nation. Along with Germany, soccer fans from England, France, Spain, and, Austria rounded out the top five groups to request tickets for the tournament.

England and France are the top contenders to win the upcoming tournament. In fact, the two nations currently sit atop FIFA’s latest UEFA rankings. Spain also has a talented group of players and have an intensely loyal fanbase. Austria being one of the biggest groups to request tickets may surprise some. Nevertheless, the nation borders the host country and is relatively close to the German city of Munich.

USA leads non-European fans in ticket requests

Outside of Europe, no other nation’s fans requested more Euro 2024 tickets than the United States. UEFA reported that over 500,000 tickets were applied for between the States, Canada, Australia, China, and Mexico. In all, each fan that applied averaged a request of 13 total tickets.

UEFA are hoping to welcome fans back to the tournament after a COVID-19 disrupted Euro 2020
UEFA are hoping to welcome fans back to the tournament after a COVID-19 disrupted Euro 2020

UEFA are hoping to welcome fans back to the tournament after a COVID-19 disrupted Euro 2020

“The anticipation for UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany is rising every day,” proclaimed UEFA exec, Martin Kallen. “With our simple and fair ticketing process combined with affordable prices, we can once again offer fans access unforgettable moments and special encounters. The exceptional number of ticket applications is testament to the continued appeal of the tournament and the interest of fans around the world.”

Another round of ticket applications to open after tournament’s draw

Fans that applied for the first round of Euro 2024 tickets will essentially enter a lottery. If successful, fans will receive notice from tournament organizers on November 14th.

Winners will then have to confirm their order and finalize the purchase of the tickets. If those selected do not complete the payment, they will ultimately lose their pending tickets to the tournament.

The next round of ticket applications will open on December 2nd. This coincides with the draw of the Euro 2024 group stage on the same day. Further information regarding how to apply for tickets to the competition is on the tournament’s official website.

Euro 2024 will start next summer on June 14th. Hosts Germany will feature in the opening matchup of the competition, but they will not know their opponents until the official draw. Nevertheless, the match is scheduled to be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich. This is the home arena of Bayern Munich. The tournament’s champion will be crowded exactly one month later in Berlin.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sven Simon : IMAGO / dts Nachrichtenagentur