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/ 38 days ago

FIFA makes Los Angeles U-turn: World Cup 2026 is coming to LA

SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles area looks set to host 2026 FIFA World Cup matches once again. The state-of-the-art arena was previously picked as one of the 11 United States venues for the upcoming tournament. However, a feud between the governing body of the sport and Stan Kroenke seemed to spoil these plans. Kroenke […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 62 days ago

MLS Open Cup stance backfires as USSF blocks Next Pro teams

Arguably, the biggest turning point in the history of soccer in the United States is happening at this very moment. MLS is attempting to pull its teams out of the US Open Cup. And how the United States Soccer Federation navigates this battle for control of the game will send shockwaves through the sport which […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 63 days ago

US soccer media's reaction to MLS abandoning US Open Cup

The soccer social media world was ablaze on Friday when it was announced MLS intends to leave the US Open Cup. Heated reactions to the news came fast and furious, and have continued ever since. Disappointment, head-scratching confusion, and downright anger have been vented by many who follow the sport in the US. MLS has […]


/ 74 days ago

How Copa America 2024 could shape soccer in the United States

Copa America 2024, at face value, is a marquee and event that will draw eyes from all over the world. But it does that every time it is staged, no matter where the tournament is hosted. Even more than the special Centenario edition in 2016, this Copa America marks a new era of soccer in […]

TV Ratings

/ 83 days ago

USMNT TV ratings in 2023 are the lowest since 2018

TV viewership numbers for the US Men's National Team during 2023 are the lowest since 2018. Based on research and analysis compiled by World Soccer Talk, viewership in 2023 dropped 69% from 4,267,063 viewers per game in 2022. The average audience for the men's national team was 1,324,833 viewers per game in 2023. That is […]


/ 91 days ago

What is the worst loss for the USA national soccer team?

You can't win 'em all. In fact, sometimes you get beat pretty badly. For US Soccer, on the men's side anyway, they haven't always been a respectable team, and defeats were pretty common. But what is the worst loss ever for the USA soccer team? Worst loss for USA over 70 years ago Luckily for […]


/ 91 days ago

USMNT 2023 attendance best since 2017 thanks to Mexico

Helped by big crowds for games against Mexico on US soil, the average attendance for the United States men's national team (USMNT) home matches in 2023 was the best since 2017. USMNT average attendance climbed from 29,400 in 2017 to 29,578 in 2023. Still, attendances for US Soccer men's games still have a long way […]


/ 94 days ago

Barcelona pops up with surprise friendly in US this December

Barcelona has officially scheduled an upcoming friendly in the United States. The Catalan club was previously expected to travel stateside for a match in December. However, the final details of the trip have now been ironed out. The Spanish giants will play Club America in Dallas, Texas on December 21st. The game comes just one […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 96 days ago

Which states do not have a Major League Soccer (MLS) team?

Major League Soccer, abbreviated to MLS, continues to stretch across the United States. As of the 2023 season, there are 29 teams competing in the competition. By 2025, that number climbs to 30 when San Diego joins the fray. It is a massive leap in a relatively short span of time when looking at the […]

American Soccer

/ 115 days ago

USA fans request more Euro 2024 tickets than other countries

UEFA has officially unveiled their first round of ticketing information for Euro 2024 in Germany. The governing body of the sport in Europe had 1.2 million tickets available in their opening application period. This timeframe began on October 3rd and ran until Thursday, October 26th. However, UEFA received over 20 million ticket applicants from more […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 122 days ago

San Diego FC scores own goal with crest for MLS' 30th team

San Diego FC has officially unveiled their team crest and colors on Friday. The club will be Major League Soccer's 30th team in the division. Although MLS officials awarded the California city an expansion franchise back in May, the club is not scheduled to compete in the league until 2025. Club crest features a lot […]