In the next seasons, Serie A could have fewer clubs, and a scheduled meeting will debate this suggestion.

When it comes to soccer leagues worldwide, the Italian one is right up there with the best of them. The list expectedly includes the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and La Liga. Most notably, there are presently 20 teams in Serie A, Premier League, and La Liga; however, that number could decrease.

A greater number of teams are now able to compete at a higher level thanks to the format’s expansion. The extended competition structure, however, has long been the target of criticism.

Expanding the league to include additional clubs is certain to bring forth some significant benefits. Because of this, two more clubs will get a shot at playing at the highest level of soccer.

A more competitive and interesting league is the result, and excellent chances for “smaller” clubs to survive. However, a growing concern is the bigger league’s role in the already-present issue of fixture congestion.

Some critics have claimed that poor-quality clubs overrun the division and that the additional four league matches per season reduce player fitness. This, in turn, drains teams’ energy, results in lower-quality matches, and increases injuries.

The soccer community widely acknowledges the importance of players being physically fit due to the huge volume of club and international tournaments.

Serie A set to cut from 20 to 18 clubs

Informal discussions on cutting the number of Serie A teams from 20 to 18 have begun in Italy. Nevertheless, thus far, only the elite clubs have shown support.

The Italian football organization and clubs from the country’s top division have started preliminary discussions about reducing the league to 18 teams, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Although discussions are still in their early stages, they haven’t covered league reconfiguration. However, the conversation will undoubtedly pick up steam in the next weeks. It will likely happen on January 26 when FIGC president Gabriele Gravina attends the next Lega Serie A meeting.

Serie A has to be reduced to 18 teams, as all of the big Italian clubs agree, according to the source. Supposedly, beginning in the summer of 2025, the schedule will grow busier with the introduction of a Clubs’ World Cup and a restructured Champions League.

Also, it is said that the best teams in Serie A have raised the fact that the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 each have 18 teams.

What do Serie A changes mean for less popular teams?

The problem is that less popular clubs worry about a more competitive survival struggle. They think a reduction in the number of teams will have a negative financial impact on all clubs, particularly in regard to domestic TV rights.

A minimum of fourteen clubs must vote in support of a reduction in the number of Serie A teams. Reaching a quorum soon is very unlikely though, as per Football Italia.

Players would have it easier if there were fewer teams as there would be fewer matches each year. However, this negative aspect comes with fewer top berths. It adds difficulty for lower-tier clubs to achieve promotion to the top level.

The outcome of this conference will affect the future of Serie A in terms of both structure and competition.