Christian Pulisic sent a sneaky jab at the celebrities who saw Lionel Messi play for Inter Miami against LAFC. The American star said these people are welcome to attend the USMNT games.

Numerous celebrities attended MLS games featuring Lionel Messi, drawing large crowds to venues around the country. The guest list for his last event for Inter Miami included a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers.

Fans saw the legend play against LAFC in front of a star-studded crowd at BMO Field. Selena Gomez, LeBron James, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Holland, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell all sat in the stands. Having so many famous people in the grandstand has made headlines, but the Argentine has been getting most of the attention for his play.

Pulisic invites Messi celebrities to see USMNT matches

Seeing as how many famous people went to see Lionel Messi and his all-star colleague take on the reigning champs, Pulisic posted the open invitation on his Instagram story.

The AC Milan winger re-posted an Instagram video from MLS showing a number of prominent people in the stands. Pulisic replaced the original caption, “The stars shone bright for MLS matchday,” with his own.

Pulisic wrote “Let them know they’re invited to US national team games too,” in an open invitation to the public.

Which are USA’s next games?

Apple TV’s coverage included numerous celebrities, many of whom said they are frequent gamegoers in Los Angeles. However, the USMNT has not been reported as having a comparable attendance for games.

Pulisic is one of several U.S. players now residing overseas who will be returning to the States for the next pair of exhibition matches. While all is going on, the top leagues in Europe are getting ready for their next international break.

Games against Uzbekistan and Oman await the United States in St. Louis and Minneapolis, respectively. Since the two competing teams are so formidable, it’s doubtful that many A-listers would accept the offer throughout the next time period.

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