Messi has been the top VIP in Miami since coming over to MLS. His bodyguard during games tells that story. Everyone is trying to see the Argentine, and ticket prices have consequently shot up. Some people want their Messi and Miami viewership to be as lavish as it comes. Therefore, the VIP experience fits their billing.

Futbol Miami TV, which has covered everything regarding Messi’s impact on the club and Miami extensively, gave this VIP experience a shot. Rather than sitting in the boisterous supporters’ section, Futbol Miami TV’s Pieter Brown and ‘Uncle Ed’ took on the VIP experience at an Inter Miami game. A sold-out crowd on a Wednesday night at Inter Miami would have been make belief before Messi’s arrival. Now, the duo had the best seats available.

Tickets to Inter Miami games are a hot commodity. His first several games in the pink and black warranted insane entry fees where the cheapest ticket was $770 in the week before the game. That craze has settled down a bit. However, the VIP tickets Futbol Miami TV took advantage of are somewhere in the range of that $500 to $750 range. Now, this can certainly go up based on the opponent, the day of the game and whether Messi is playing. This just provides a glimpse into what it may run to get in.

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Amenities and perks of the VIP experience to see Messi and Inter Miami

If you are paying that much money for one soccer game, chances are you want to be pampered. The VIP experience has its own entry point, so fans can avoid those long lines for the sold-out DRV PNK Stadium. Upon entry, Futbol Miami TV gave a glimpse into the Midfield Club. This is only available to the VIP ticketholders. There, fans get complimentary food and beverages. That includes alcoholic beverages.

Interestingly, Brown noted that the offerings compared to the last time he was at the Midfield Club have expanded. Alcoholic beverages were not included, and the food was limited. Now, there is an assortment of offerings for dinner and dessert.

Once at the actual seat, it is hard to beat what the VIP experience offers to see Messi play for Miami. The tickets are the last row of fans that are in actual seats. Futbol Miami TV’s VIP section was in the middle of one-half of the field, which allowed great views of Messi working down the right-hand side.

Of course, this also opened the door to see Messi’s bodyguard on the field, too. The seats are so close that fans in the VIP section could yell out to the players and easily be heard. Select seats are padded and comfortable. Others are more like barstools, but they come with a table for easy drink storage.

These tickets, like others to see Inter Miami, will continue to be tough to get as more people try to watch Messi play in the United States.

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