Liverpool star Luis Diaz will remain in England as Colombian local police and military officials search for his father. Both of the player’s parents were kidnapped in the South American nation at the weekend. Cilenis Marulanda, the winger’s mother, has since been released by the bandits. Nevertheless, the search for Diaz’s father, Luis Manuel, continues.

Semana now reports that Luis Diaz is set to remain in England while the search for his father occurs. According to the report, Diaz initially wanted to return to his native nation to aid the search. Relatives were, however, able to talk the star winger out of the move. There are fears that attackers could target the 26-year-old Red if he shows up in Colombia.

More than 120 Colombian armed forces and police officers are currently searching for Diaz’s dad. Officials revealed in the aforementioned report that they are conducting the search on land and in the air. This includes multiple motorized convoys, helicopters, and even a plane equipped with specialized radar.

Officials fear Diaz’s father may be in Venezuela

Colombia deployed military forces along the Venezuelan border. This is an effort to prevent kidnappers from taking Diaz’s father into a foreign country. Officials are concerned that the search would be significantly more difficult if the player’s father enters Venezuela. They also fear attackers already took him across the border.

“About that [being in Venezuela], I cannot give any information. I want to be very cautious,” Colombian general William Salamanca recently told reporters. “I flew over the area, and they would have to cross the Perija mountain range, but I think that a human being cannot do it in that area.”

“We were trying to leave some commandos there and we couldn’t because of the denseness of the jungle. Also, since last night, there has been a blockade that the army made in the lower part of the mountain range, which would be the exit to Venezuela.”

Diogo Jota and other Liverpool players raised Diaz’s kit while the forward missed the Nottingham Forest game.
Diogo Jota and other Liverpool players raised Diaz’s kit while the forward missed the Nottingham Forest game.

Diogo Jota and other Liverpool players raised Diaz’s kit while the forward missed the Nottingham Forest game.

Luis Diaz in England, but not playing during search for father

Diaz was going to feature in Liverpool’s starting lineup for a matchup with Nottingham Forest on Sunday. However, the horrific recent events forced manager Jurgen Klopp to leave his star winger out of the squad. The Reds ended up winning the match 3-0 as Diaz’s replacement, Diogo Jota, scored the opening goal of the game. The Portugal international displayed a Diaz jersey after netting the goal.

After the match, Klopp talked about the terrible situation and its effect on his players. “We played in the most difficult circumstance I’ve ever had,” Klopp told Sky Sports. “It was a really difficult day, which ended with a good result.”

“The best thing we could do for our brother was that we win the game and distract him a little bit maybe, all the rest was super special in the most negative understanding. After more than 1,000 games you would think you have experienced everything, but no.”

Liverpool faces Bournemouth on Wednesday, Nov. 1 in a Carabao Cup fixture. Diaz is unlikely to feature in the upcoming game as well. The winger has three goals and an assist in 11 total appearances so far this season.