Everton’s potential ownership change has received yet another blow. The club’s current owner, Farhad Moshiri, previously revealed an agreement to sell the team to American investors 777 Partners. However, there has since been a series of incidents that have put the deal in limbo.

Several Premier League clubs reportedly raised concerns to the top flight division over 777 Partners almost immediately after the announced agreement. A club the American firm owns picked up a transfer ban. Brazilian side Vasco da Gama earned the embargo after the club failed to make payments on other transfers.

Trio teaming up for potential $360 million lawsuit against Everton

Mail Sport now claims that 777 Partners have received a letter from three clubs regarding their intention to sue Everton. Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester wrote a letter to the Premier League asking if 777 was aware of the potential lawsuit. The English league then forwarded the letter to 777 Partners.

According to the aforementioned news outlet, the trio claimed that they may sue Everton for around $360 million ($120 million each). This depends all on the upcoming tribunal regarding Everton’s breach of Financial Fair Play (FFP).

Assuming the Toffees are found guilty of breaking the spending laws, the trio would then pursue the massive lawsuit. The clubs claim that Everton essentially avoided relegation by overspending in recent seasons. The Merseyside club finished 16th in the table following the 2021/22 campaign. This was the same season in which Burnley was relegated after finishing four points behind Everton.

Forest, Southampton drop out of legal suit against Everton

Leeds and Leicester both suffered relegation in the following campaign. Everton managed to avoid the drop once again, finishing just above the duo. Southampton and Nottingham Forest also previously threatened Everton with a lawsuit as well. Forest eventually avoided relegation, but the Saints were not as lucky. However, Southampton pulled out of the potential lawsuit because they finished so far behind Everton in the table.

The hearing regarding Everton’s case is happening in late October. The Premier League also has to officially approve Moshiri’s sale of the club to 777 Partners as well. A negative outcome in either case would put the sale of Everton under serious threat.