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Nottingham Forest FFP charges appeal to begin next week

Nottingham Forest will begin the appeal process to the Premier League charging the club with violations of financial fair play. Currently, there is no punishment that Forest knows of, but the precedent has been set via Everton. Originally, the Premier League brandished a record-breaking 10-point deduction for the Toffees. On Monday, the Premier League lessened […]


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Everton points penalty reduced to six, additional charges loom

Everton received good news on Monday morning when the Premier League reduced its points penalty to just six. Previously, the league charged the Toffees with a 10-point deduction for violations of the profitability and sustainability (PSR) rules. Everton's net losses over three years exceeded the league's maximum of $134 million. As a result, the points […]


/ 6 days ago

EPL clubs believe Forest will soon be given points deduction

Several top officials at Premier League clubs believe that Nottingham Forest will soon suffer a points deduction. The English top flight previously charged the East Midlands club with breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). Along with Forest, Everton was also hit with a charge as well. It happened to be the second infraction for the […]


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Expert says Chelsea to face harsher FFP penalty than Everton

A soccer finance expert has given Chelsea a stern warning in regards to their precarious Financial Fair Play position. The Blues have spent freely since American businessman Todd Boehly helped purchase the team in 2022. Since the new ownership took control of the club, they have spent over $1 billion on a plethora of new […]

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Everton's appeal hearing against points penalty set to start

Everton is set to begin an appeal process in their fight against the 10-point Premier League penalty. The Toffees were previously hit with the punishment after an independent panel agreed with league officials that the club violated Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR). Everton submitted an official appeal of the ruling quickly after the points deduction […]


/ 41 days ago

Why Manchester City has escaped FFP punishment so far

One year ago, the Premier League charged Manchester City with violations of Financial Fair Play (FFP) laws. The investigation spanned five years. Ultimately, the league found the reigning European champions breached the laws more than 100 times. These infractions allegedly took place between 2009/10 and 2017/18. Despite the massive charges, City has yet to face […]


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Everton and Nottingham Forest charged with FFP violations

In a new development, the Premier League has charged both Everton and Nottingham Forest with FFP violations. If guilty, both clubs could face a hefty points deduction. For Everton, it'll be the second points deduction this season after being deducted 10 points for a previous FFP violation. Both clubs have two weeks to appeal against […]

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/ 88 days ago

Premier League sets date for Man City trial on 115 FFP charges

Manchester City has finally learned when they will officially stand trial for their record financial charges from the Premier League. Mail Sport claims that the reigning European champions are set to face an independent panel in late fall of 2024. The exact date for the trial is not yet known. According to the news outlet, […]


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Elite Premier League clubs to earn greater prize portion per year

The Premier League is redistributing the prize money allocation each season that will benefit the top clubs in the English top flight. Extending from the 10-point deduction from Everton, the Premier League wants to shake up the distribution of finances. This is part of the 'New Deal For Football,' which is the Premier League's proposal […]


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Man City and Chelsea could both be relegated for FFP violations

Chelsea and Man City most likely paid very close attention to the news regarding Everton's FFP penalty on Friday. The Toffees were handed a deduction of 10 points for violating Financial Fair Play (FFP) laws. It is the harshest punishment ever for a Premier League club. As a result of the deduction, Everton now sits […]


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Everton receives record points deduction from Premier League

Everton earned a points deduction of 10 points for violating Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. The sanction is the harshest punishment ever for a Premier League club. As a result of the deduction, the Toffees now sit 19th in the table with just four points. The Merseyside club previously posted losses of just over $55 […]