Bayern Munich’s Kane offer has yet to truly test Daniel Levy’s resolve, yet the Tottenham Hotspur superstar continues as normal. Harry Kane even made an appearances on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones on Thursday.

Guests on the series feast on hot chicken wings while simulataneously being interviewed. Kane and host Sean Evans tried 10 different levels of wings during the recording of the show. This includes starting with a mild classic buffalo sauce and then up to one that is over 640,000 on the Scoville scale.

Kane faired fairly well throughout the interview, only choking up a couple of times. While many thought that the striker may open up about his future at Spurs, the questions were quite tame in the end.

It also seemed as if the show was recorded at a much earlier date. Kane is set to enter his final year under contract at the club and has been heavily linked with Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

What is the state of Bayern Munich’s Kane bid?

Bayern Munich’s Kane interest is long-standing. The Bavarian giants hope to sign the striker during the summer transfer window. However, Bayern have already had two bids rejected, but will reportedly return with another offer.

Although he didn’t discuss his immediate future plans, Kane did answer some interesting questions.

The prolific goalscorer labeled his first career England international strike as his favorite goal of his career. “It was at Wembley, our home stadium,” stated Kane.

“I came on for Wayne Rooney, who was someone who I looked up to growing up. That moment of him running off the pitch and me running on – I was just so excited.”

“Within two or three minutes in the game, I scored my first (England) goal. The ball kind of floated over to the back post. I headed it down into the goal and just that emotion in the moment was just something that’s hard to describe.”

The striker also discussed a possible transition to the NFL once his soccer career has ended.

He compared kicking a field goal in American football to taking a penalty in soccer. “In terms of pressure, there’s not many specific moments in sports like an NFL kicker. It’s similar to a penalty (in soccer),” claimed Kane. “You have the moment to be the hero, but also you have the moment to be the villain. So it’s that real balance.”

Kane admittedly loves ‘He’s One of Our Own’ chant

Kane then labeled a chant by Spurs fans as his favorite song in the game. “Tottenham have a good one for me,” Kane says as he drank milk to help with the pain of the hot wings. “They sing ‘He’s One of Our Own,’ which came about after I scored a hat trick in one of my first games.”

“It was a Europa League game at the time. Because I came through the academy, it was kind of their way of singing a song for me and it really hit me hard. It was amazing to hear.”

It remains to be seen just how much longer Kane will be able to hear the chant inside Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sven Simon