Canada, Mexico, and the USA will all play host to the 2026 World Cup at the same time, making it a first of its kind. An additional innovation is that 48 teams will compete for the global championship. Previously, the Finals involved only 32 teams.

Even here, the potential is quite alluring since Americans prefer to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Hosting the tournament brings in more money and more spectators every time.

Naturally, hosting the championship match will be very profitable. FIFA will provide the tournament organizers considerable leeway to set up fan zones and attractions. It will thus facilitate the generation of more income.

Which stadium will host the 2026 World Cup final?

It was always going to be the United States of America that would play home to the crucial championship game. After all, they are the biggest nation in the world and have nine stadiums that are among the largest.

According to FIFA’s most recent announcement, they will reveal the fixture schedule for the 2026 World Cup on February 4. Along with the announcement, FIFA will formally reveal the location of the final.

The search has reportedly been limited to two venues: MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Despite its beauty, the California location was allegedly eliminated as the first one because FIFA and venue owner Stan Kroenke disagreed over income distribution.

Additionally, rumors circulated that the stadium would not be hosting the event at all. As a result, the only places remaining on the battlefield were the New York suburbs and Arlington.

Germany chooses the ideal World Cup base

All 48 participating teams from the 2026 World Cup will be based out of adjacent hotels for training and practice. To further prepare for the World Cup, FIFA also established a base camp of its own in Dallas.

To be in the thick of things, fans want to stay close to their favorite teams’ base camps. This is great for the local economy, particularly if the team has a large fan following and goes all the way to the finals.

According to reports, Germany considers Kansas City as a potential home for their World Cup activities. While the squad was in town for the tournament, open practices would be a great way to bring in people from all over the world.

Kansas might get international recognition, according to lobbyist John Federico, who spoke before the Senate Commerce Committee.

“The bottom line is this: these teams are coming, these fans are coming, the international press are coming, and it would behoove us to get our house in order on the Kansas side so that we can maximize the spend on our side”, he said, via CJOnline.

“The bigger events are going to happen on the Missouri side, and that’s why they have the bulk of the funding request. But what can we do to make sure that we are ready to make ourselves attractive to the best teams, so they pick Kansas as their home base.”

An ideal location

Katherine Holland is the executive director of KC2026, the nonprofit organizing World Cup activities in Kansas City. She says the midwest city is in an ideal spot for any team to establish a base for the World Cup, including Germany.

“We are in a great position regionally to be a real destination for potentially multiple federations to sort of call Kansas City in our region home during that tournament,” Holland said. “That makes us a lucrative spot for federations. We understand that due to the caliber of our facilities, we’ll likely garner interest from a major soccer powerhouse that would have the funds.”