Even though he was widely expected to take over Brazil in 2024, Carlo Ancelotti has decided to sign a new deal with Real Madrid.

The ongoing season was supposed to mark the conclusion of Ancelotti’s previous contract with Real Madrid. And many predicted that he would lead Brazil in their next summer tournament.

Former head of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Ednaldo Rodrigues delivered a bombshell in July that sent shockwaves. His announcement that Carlo Ancelotti would be taking over as coach of the Seleção ahead of the 2024 Copa America was an astonishing one.

As Brazil’s interim coach Fernando Diniz was being unveiled at a news conference, this unexpected revelation came to light. Ancelotti and Diniz had a similar coaching philosophy, which made the latter a perfect fit for the role, according to Rodrigues.

Upon Tite’s departure, Brazil was left without a permanent head coach after their heartbreaking quarterfinal loss to Croatia in the 2022 World Cup. If all goes according to plan, Diniz will be in charge until next June, when Ancelotti’s contract with Madrid expires.

In a perfect world, the Italian would become the first foreign manager to lead the five-time World Cup winners since 1965. This appointment would have forever changed the history of Brazilian soccer.

What did Ancelotti say about staying in Madrid?

Ancelotti’s reputation as a potential savior for Brazil’s flagging fortunes was very evident. Their 2002 World Cup victory is long forgotten, and they haven’t won a major title since 2019.

There was a flurry of speculation last month when many Brazilian media publications claimed that Ancelotti had formally confirmed his interest in joining the CBF in writing. The CBF even said that they had ‘legal guarantees’ that would ensure his employment that summer.

They went so far as to suggest that they would make public remarks in the new year to put further pressure on the coach and Real Madrid. With that, last Friday was the pinnacle of the epic story that had been building for months.

Madrid waited for the right time to act, and then they took action. An official announcement put an end to the speculations, announcing that Los Blancos have extended their coach’s contract until June 30, 2026.

”Very happy. It was simple, fast, there were no disagreements. It is valuable that the club wants to continue with my work. I wasn’t in a hurry”, he told reporters, via Marca.

“The club wanted to do it now because they probably think the work we are doing together here is good. As I say, very happy. But success here is not that, it is winning games, and that’s what we will try to do.”

What did Ancelotti say about his future at Brazil or Real Madrid?

Ancelotti inked the new pact not long after Rodrigues was sacked. Illegitimate votes led to the recent removal of CBF President Ednaldo Rodrigues from office. That made it seem like the end of the Italian’s prospects of ever guiding a national team.

“The truth is, everyone knows it, I had contacts with the former president of the CBF, who was Ednaldo Rodrigues. I want to thank him for his interest. It was an honor, it made me very proud.”

“It was always clear that it depended on my situation at Real Madrid. I want it to be clear, this was my first option. Ednaldo Rodrigues is now no longer president. He showed me a lot of affection, I have to thank him for that, but it ended as I wanted it to – staying here.”

Ancelotti said unequivocally that he intended for his position at Real Madrid to be his last managerial one. Yet he did point out that his spell didn’t have to conclude in two years.

“Yes, it’s my last bench. But it doesn’t have to be in 2026. I enjoy being a manager. I hope I can be here in 2027 or 2028, I want to be a coach, I like Madrid.”