Although approved by the EU’s Court of Justice, the ambitious plans for the European Super League haven’t materialized as anticipated.

Several top European clubs boycotted, revealing strong opposition to the innovative idea of the European Super League. A number of sources have indicated that enough teams have agreed to hold the tournament as of late.

After winning their case in court, ESPL organizers began reaching out to prospective teams. They are namely a selected group of at least 50 top-tier teams. Regrettably, the concept has been shot down by almost 60 percent of them.

The initial plan proposed a “closed” league, but there was significant criticism for allegedly excluding clubs, abusing their dominant positions.

Fan demonstrations, global outcry, and a strong warning from UEFA ensued. The proposal failed despite its warnings that participating clubs and players would be ineligible for major tournaments like the World Cup.

Shortly after, six of the twelve rebel clubs, including half from the English Premier League, declined participation, causing the plan’s collapse. Following A22 Sports Management’s efforts in Spanish courts, the matter was referred to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

What was Agnelli’s original plan?

Andrea Agnelli is among the key people who founded the Super League. Twelve of Europe’s most prestigious clubs proposed the formation of a new European tournament in 2021, prompting his resignation as ECA Chairman.

Only Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona remained officially participating in the breakaway competition after most of the other teams left within 48 hours.

Agnelli stepped down as president of Juventus a year ago, so he is no longer in that role. Despite Ceferin’s role as godfather to Agnelli’s daughter, the Super League initiative severed ties between the two men.

“So what [about it]? I used to speak to Alex [Ceferin] three times a day. I had a very strong connection. They are envious of the fact that I have an objective and I try and reach it. I don’t compromise.

“My feeling is time is a gentleman. And things will probably, hopefully, be right at one time. If not, again, my conscience is super clear”, he told the Financial Times.

What does future hold for Super League?

Agnelli also said that 50 to 60 teams are in discussions over the new ideas, but no clubs have come forward to officially express their interest. Two teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have remained dedicated from the inaugural Super League. Not even Juventus, his ex-side, have shown any interest.

“Give us time to work. It’s not like things happen as magic. We find ourselves in a b2b b2c situation . . . We need to find the clubs, which is the [business to business] part, because if we don’t have the clubs to participate within the competition, we can’t reach the c, the consumers.”

A lot of people get furious when companies and consumers communicate instead of fans and clubs. “You don’t care about the sport — all you care about is money.” read the massive banner that Borussia Dortmund fans in Germany raised in November. It featured Agnelli, PSG’s Al-Khelaifi, and FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Photo credits: IMAGO / Sven Simon : IMAGO / Marco Canoniero.