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A brief history of the World Cup, European Championship and Copa America on US TV

As Christopher Harris reported here at World Soccer Talk, the final ratings for Euro 2016 were, much like the quality of play, decent but not spectacular. Copa América Centenario, thanks to Univision’s reach and the USMNT’s run, captured a slightly bigger audience. But by putting the numbers for the two tournaments into context, we can see just how far the sport has come in this country. With the ability to now stream every match, whether scarfing a slice on Coney Island or sipping a cortadito on South Beach while chasing Pikachu on our phones, it’s easy to forget just how ... Read more

Most-watched Copa America Centenario teams on US TV

For some, the country that has been the most-watched Copa America Centenario team on US television may be a surprise. It’s not, as you would expect, the United States as the host country. Others won’t be surprised that it’s the Mexico national team that was the most popular Copa America Centenario team on US shores. Based on our own research and the help from Sports TV Ratings, we’ve averaged the number of viewers per game across FOX Sports and Univision. While Mexico leads the pack, some surprises include Brazil not making it into the top 10 most-watched teams. That’s partly ... Read more

Most-watched Copa America Centenario games on US TV

FOX Sports and Univision’s coverage of the 2016 Copa America averaged more than 4 million viewers per game, but which games were the most-watched during the entire 32 game tournament? Based on our research plus the help of Sports TV Ratings, we’ve compiled the list of the top 32 most-watched games on US television. Not surprisingly, it was the final between Argentina and Chile that was the most-watched game with nearly 10 million viewers. Here’s the list of the 32 games: Teams FOX viewing avg. Univision viewing avg. Total average Argentina vs. Chile 2,979,000 6,800,000 9,779,000 USA vs. Argentina 3,290,000 ... Read more

FOX and Univision’s Copa America games averaged over 4 million viewers per game

Across the 32 games played during Copa America Centenario, FOX Sports and Univision collectively averaged over 4 million viewers per game. The combined viewing average was 4,041,969 viewers. Univision’s average was 3,099,625 per game, while FOX Sports averaged 1,009,839 per game. From a TV ratings perspective, Copa America Centenario was a huge hit for Univision, delivering viewing numbers that were greater than World Cup 2014. For FOX Sports, it was a ratings boost to FOX Sports 1, which has been trying to find its feet after its launch in August, 2013. FOX’s Copa America Centenario final between Argentina and Chile ... Read more

Most-watched Copa America Centenario games on FOX Sports

Now that we’ve been able to collect all of the TV ratings data for Copa America Centenario, we can now reveal the most-watched Copa America Centenario games that were televised on FOX Sports. Not surprisingly, the USA-Argentina semi-final was the most-watched game. Also, other than the Copa America Centenario final, the US Men’s National Team ruled the roost in terms of the most-watched TV viewing audiences. Here are the most-watched Copa America Centenario games on FOX Sports: Teams Channel Viewing avg. USA vs. Argentina FS1 3,290,000 Argentina vs. Chile FS1 2,997,000 USA vs. Paraguay FS1 2,061,000 USA vs. Ecuador FS1 ... Read more

FOX Sports averages 997k viewers for Copa America Centenario TV coverage

Buoyed by the successful run that the United States made to the semi-finals of the competition, FOX Sports’ coverage of Copa America Centenario averaged 997,300 viewers per game. The most-watched game of Copa America Centenario for FOX Sports was the 3.29 million people who tuned in to see the United States play Argentina on Tuesday, June 21 from 9-11pm ET. If the USA had beaten Argentina, FOX Sports would have probably broken their record for the most-watched soccer game on FOX Sports 1. As it was, the USA lost 0-3 to Argentina. FOX Sports 1’s most-watched soccer game still stands ... Read more

7 young soccer stars at Copa America Centenario

For most people, just knowing the top players in a tournament is fine. However, what about the players who are going to hit it big at the next World Cup? With the growing popularity of Football Manager-type computer games, the public is more informed on footballers than they’ve ever been before. Fans of the sport are always looking out for the next great star. If it’s to say that they heard of said player first or just to know what a great player was like before they become big. The problem is that many people base their view of a player, on ... Read more

Most-watched Copa America Centenario games on Univision

Out of the top 5 most-watched Copa America Centenario games on Univision this June, four of them featured Mexico. But the game that was the most-viewed was the final between Argentina and Chile, which was watched by 6.8 million people. Meanwhile, the United States did well in the TV viewing numbers, averaging 3.31 million viewers on Univision. Its last match of the competition, the third-place final against Colombia, averaged 2.8 million. We’ve compiled the list of the top 32 most-watched Copa America Centenario games across the Univision networks. The complete list is below: Teams Channel Viewers 1 Argentina vs. Chile ... Read more