Those who have not subscribed to MLS Season Pass for the 2024 season can take advantage of a major discount. Starting Wednesday, May 1, the seasonal option for MLS Season Pass drops to $69.

Even though most teams have already played around 11 games in the current MLS season, much of the best action is still available. Therefore, the price dipping by $30 for the seasonal option is still a great offer. If you subscribe to Apple TV+, the annual option is now $59. That is only $20 less than the traditional $79 that Apple TV+ subscribers can pay for. Regardless, the savings are clear.

There are no changes to the monthly plan. For all users, that is still $14.99 per month. Apple TV+ subscribers can pay $12.99 per month to watch MLS Season Pass. However, there are still over seven months left in the season. The annual plan for MLS Season Pass, even before this May discount, represents major savings at this point in the season.

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For comparison, spending $69 on the rest of the MLS season equates to about $10 per month. That is 30$ off the original cost of the MLS Season Pass subscriptions.

Significant content still to come via MLS Season Pass discount

The savings available through this temporary price cut provide fans with a great way to see some of MLS’s stars. Lionel Messi, Hany Mukhtar, Thiago Almada and Luciano Acosta have shown the talent that spreads throughout Major League Soccer. In fairness, much of the draw for MLS is Messi and Inter Miami. Apple and MLS have reported sizeable growth since Messi joined the fray. Plus, he continues to set record crowds at away games in MLS.

If you are not physically attending one of those games, every game Lionel Messi plays in for the rest of this season is available on MLS Season Pass. Furthermore, every game in Major League Soccer and the MLS Cup Playoffs is available on MLS Season Pass. Messi did not feature in the MLS Cup Playoffs last season because Inter Miami failed to qualify. That did not stop a great postseason. Despite a somewhat convoluted playoff structure, the Columbus Crew emerged as the MLS Cup Champions in an enjoyable month of competition.

You can also be sure that the Leagues Cup, the tournament involving every team in Liga MX and MLS will provide drama. That was the competition where Messi announced himself last season. With Liga MX clubs also bringing in sizeable audiences, the Leagues Cup has the potential to be a great competition for North America. Each game is available in English and Spanish on MLS Season Pass. That is all available for a discount on MLS Season Pass by subscribing to the annual option now.


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