Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski’s summer departure remains a possibility, according to his coach Xavi.

While the season winds down, many are wondering what will happen between Robert Lewandowski and Barcelona. Despite being the most productive player on Xavi’s team, the 35-year-old Polish striker is reportedly set to leave next summer.

Coming up on his 36th birthday this summer, rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabia have circulated for more than a year. While the Polish striker had a terrible 2023 overall, he has played like a new player this year.

What did Lewandowski say about future?

Following his hat trick in their most recent victory against Valencia, he made it plain that he will not be leaving the Blaugrana this summer. “Saying goodbye [to Barcelona] is definitely out of the question for me [this summer],” he told SportBILD.

“I feel physically good again now. I had physical problems in the first half of the season. Things got better in 2024. As long as I continue to feel as good as I do now and notice in training that no one is outrunning me, I want to keep playing.

“As of today, I say: This will continue for at least two more years. Only when I notice that I am no longer physically at top level and am in pain would I start to think. That’s not the case. I haven’t bothered with [Saudi Arabia] for a second so far. Neither Saudi Arabia nor to the USA. That doesn’t make sense at the moment.

“At some point it’s about what my heart and my head say. When I’m 38 years old and the pain comes, I have to ask myself: Do I even want to continue? But I don’t want to plan that far yet. Currently I say: I can definitely play at this highest level by 2026.”

Lewandowski has been in fine form for Barcelona
Lewandowski has been in fine form for Barcelona

Lewandowski has been in fine form for Barcelona

What did Xavi say?

Regardless, the Catalan club is supposedly open to bids for their star striker. An article from RAC1 states that his huge salary of $34 million next season is the main factor in the decision.

Because of the club’s financial problems, Lewandowski’s contract is a source of worry as it seeks to manage their budget. The seasoned player is in the midst of his second season with the club and has a contract extension that includes a fourth-year option.

Even though the Catalans’ financial woes have been well-documented, the club will still be active during the summer transfer window. Thus, they may be forced to sell some of their key players.

Xavi himself hinted at this possibility at Friday’s news conference. He assured the Pole of his present and future worth. Nonetheless, he still wouldn’t say that the seasoned forward may stay in the summer.

“If he understands criticism, he has to understand if it comes from the coach. We value Lewandowski a lot and as for the future, we will decide at the end of the season”, Xavi told reporters.

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