Ahead of the 2024/25 Premier League, NBC’s paid subscription service Peacock is raising its price. This is the second summer in a row Peacock is going up in monthly subscription costs. For the 2023/24 season, the service cost $5.99. That allowed it to be cheaper than the likes of ESPN+, and it would be the same price as Paramount+. However, a major bump in cost in the summer of 2024 has major implications on Premier League viewership, which heavily runs through Peacock.

Starting on July 18, Peacock will go up in price by $2. That applies to both the Peacock Premium plan and the Peacock Premium Plus option. Therefore, starting in July, Peacock will cost $7.99 per month. Meanwhile, the option that goes ad-free and allows you to download content becomes $13.99 per month. Price hikes are common in the streaming world, but the jump by $2 is a significant difference for those who subscribe.

This also affects the annual option. Having the ability to pay $60 for a full year of Peacock was a great deal. That is particularly true for Premier League fans who would watch at least four games every weekend exclusively on the service. Now, though, the Peacock Premium annual option goes from $60 to $80. The Peacock Premium Plus annual plan is rising from $120 to $140.

As stated, the price changes start on July 18, but that applies to new subscribers for Peacock. Existing Peacock users will see their price go up on Aug. 17. That coincides with the conclusion of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, which have much of their coverage available for American audiences on Peacock.

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Premier League fans suffer as Peacock price raises

Even though the Olympics are much of the driving force behind Peacock’s price going up, it is Premier League fans who will suffer the most. The Olympics will have extensive coverage available on Peacock, and that includes several hubs for different sports. Yet, the Olympics only lasts two weeks. Fans will be willing to pay just $8 when it comes to getting in-depth coverage of something that only happens every four years.

However, for the Premier League, the $2 increase per month has serious ramifications. Monthly subscribers to Peacock will be paying far more when it comes to watching games on the streaming platform. Peacock is integral to watching the Premier League. Not only are there exclusive games on the service, but any games available on the NBC broadcast channel are simulcast on NBC. When you factor in Goal Rush, the Premier League’s whiparound show, fans can often watch as many as seven games on Peacock for some matchdays. Even with the annual option being available, the price hike is another unfortunate consequence of the streaming world.

Existing customers, and new customers, should take advantage of the lower annual option for Peacock Premium before it goes up in the middle of July. An annual subscription purchased before then will be far better value than when customers sign up just before the Olympics or before the Premier League kicks off in August.