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Alexi Lalas defends US Soccer status quo on FOX Sports broadcast [VIDEO]

On Sunday’s MLS broadcast that was televised live on FS1, leading US Men’s National Team analyst Alexi Lalas gave a stirring two-minute speech that championed the status quo in US Soccer. Lalas defended Sunil Gulati and the US Soccer Federation. “No one person has the answers,” said Lalas. “Sunil Gulati doesn’t.” He continued, “[The system we built] is better than anything we’ve ever had before. “We don’t need to tear it down and start it over. The system did not lose the game against Trinidad.” Regarding change, Lalas concluded, “I hope that it’s change that builds on the past while ... Read more

Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman illustrate stark contrast in their analysis of USA’s World Cup disaster

In the wake of the disastrous World Cup qualifying campaign that culminated in a 2-1 loss Tuesday night against Trinidad and Tobago, it was surprising to see the differing approaches from the two most high-profile analysts of the US Men’s National Team. In one corner, you had FOX Sports Alexi Lalas, guardian of the status quo and US Soccer system. In the other, you had ESPN’s Taylor Twellman who continued his long-standing calls for reform in a more aggressive fashion than ever before. At the full time whistle in the Caribbean, the USMNT’s failure came into full view. The US, ... Read more

FOX Soccer Begins 2015 Just The Way They Did in 2014 With Vast Improvement Needed

After signing Alexi Lalas to a lucrative contract as the newest addition to FOX Sports, you would have hoped that the addition of the Hall of Famer would have boosted FOX’s overall quality of its first soccer broadcast of 2015. Unfortunately, despite Lalas’ positive debut, the remainder of the broadcast was classic FOX Sports with little to no insight, plenty of lame inside jokes and lots of missed opportunities to make the broadcast worth watching. It’s still early days, but the initial observation is that it’s more of the same from FOX Sports with mediocre analysis that encourages the viewer to skip ... Read more

Soccer Analyst Alexi Lalas Joins FOX Sports From ESPN

Alexi Lalas, the soccer analyst that people either love or hate, will make his FOX Sports debut in January after leaving ESPN at the end of this month. As we reported in October (along with Awful Announcing), Lalas joins host Rob Stone, Warren Barton and former USMNT teammates Eric Wynalda and recently-added Brad Friedel as key members of FOX Sports’ soccer team. He is set to contribute to FOX Sports’ coverage of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, England’s FA Cup, Major League Soccer, USMNT matches, UEFA European Championship Qualifiers and FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015. Lalas, in ... Read more

Alexi Lalas And Brad Friedel Close to Joining FOX Sports, Says Source

UPDATE (December 9, 2014): FOX Sports has confirmed that Brad Friedel will join the broadcaster as an analyst in 2015. FOX Sports is close to finalizing deals to acquire Alexi Lalas and Brad Friedel as its newest soccer analysts, says a World Soccer Talk source. If finalized, the move to acquire the talents of Lalas and Friedel will bolster FOX’s soccer coverage, where the two former US Men’s National Team players can lend their expertise to FOX Sports’ coverage of MLS and select US games (beginning in 2015), as well as coverage of the UEFA Champions League and, of course, the 2018 FIFA World ... Read more

Kampion: A New Competitive Card Game Featuring Famous Soccer Players Now Available For Download

Some of the playing cards featuring art by Adrián Oviedo, Asclê de Oliveira, Thiago Ramon Grizilli and many others. There have been several times in my life when I’ve run across something that I didn’t even know I wanted. For example, there are artists that add monsters to thrift store paintings, turning boring into amazing. I want one of those hanging in my living room. Google searching “birds with arms” was also something I stumbled upon that I could waste hours on (If you’re googling that right now, you’re welcome). The Kampion card game fits right into this category. I’ve ... Read more

Alexi Lalas Strikes Again In Argument About MLS Inferiority Complex

In Roger Bennett’s latest offering on, Alexi Lalas has once again said some incendiary things about soccer in the United States. In some cases Lalas is on the mark, but as is his custom, he overreaches and defeats his argument by going too far. For starters, this article was written with the USA’s Gold Cup triumph as a point of reference. Consider that in the tournament Mexico’s most experienced player boasted 11 national team caps coming into the competition whereas the United States had two players with over 100 caps. While Mexico did not have a single player who ... Read more

Alexi Lalas Critique of US Based Fans Ignores Local Game Outside MLS

In March, Alexi Lalas loudly proclaimed that to be a true soccer fan in the United States, you must watch and support Major League Soccer. “Think globally act locally,” Lalas proclaimed. While the sentiment is nice, the promotion of Major League Soccer by many pundits in the United States tend to forget that the majority of professional teams in the United States are not in MLS, the nation’s top flight league, but in lower divisions that receive little or no promotion from the likes of Lalas. It is these teams, many of which are in larger metropolitan areas than most ... Read more