Louis van Gaal is the manager Belgium needs to lead the national team

Van Gaal presented a fascinating lecture about his management style and it’s hard to think of Wilmots ever putting together something as detailed and comprehensive.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to posit that Van Gaal and the Belgium national team could be quite a good fit.

From the players’ point of view, they will be overseen by a proven winner who is regarded as sharp tactician. Most importantly, they will only have to deal with the Dutchman in short bursts therefore they can be tactically drilled without the fear of things becoming overly routine.

With respect to Van Gaal, he’d still be involved in the game without the hassle of dealing with the day-to-day cycle of the club game. He’ll also have the opportunity to work arguably the most gifted set of players in world football.

On the face of it, Van Gaal for Belgium seems the obvious choice. The president of the Belgian FA Francois De Keersemacker was more than happy to invite the Dutchman to apply for the position. 

“Van Gaal might be a potential candidate. We will see if he puts himself forward as a candidate. If he does then we will evaluate his candidacy,” De Keersemacker said.

Handily, the Belgian FA put up an ad for the role on their website should LVG want to check before emailing in his CV.

Van Gaal so nearly took over the reins Belgium in 2007. His friend Cees Wijburg revealed “he loves the Belgium team and I can tell you that in 2007 I arranged a meeting with the top of the Belgian FA to get him to Belgium because he wanted to go to Belgium but the day after he was asked by Bayern Munich so the choice was made.”  

It wasn’t meant to be in 2007, but 2016 could present a new opportunity for Louis van Gaal to finally coach the Belgian national side.

With Van Gaal, anything is possible and whilst he’s been successful more often than not, there have been notable failures too. He’s more than capable of spectacularly falling out with players and figureheads but he possesses the tools and the pedigree to extract more from Belgium’s so-called “Golden Generation” than the departed Wilmots.

One gets the feeling that the Iron Tulip is not quite finished with soccer just yet. Don’t bet against the Dutchman going for one last hurrah.

In a sense, the Van Gaal and the Belgium national team seem made for each other. A pair with bruised egos looking to put right past setbacks. The ingredients are there for them to harness their hurt and channel their energies to creating something potentially special.

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