Manchester United: Interview with David Herman of One United USA

The FIFA (video game) generation, so-to-speak. Of which, our club seemingly has become with the whirligig transfer business so far this year.

Chris: With the vast majority of One United USA’s members being American citizens and given the monumental success of Manchester United’s pre-season tour to the United States this summer, are you hopeful that the club will look to build on the momentum created by the match against Real Madrid in front of 109,000 fans in Michigan, to pick just one example, and return to the country on a more regular basis? Would this create even more opportunities for One United USA to possibly link with the club and be able to offer members opportunities to meet players or attend open training sessions?

David: Being the officially recognized branch of the club and one of the longest standing affiliations on the World, we do have opportunities to bring the club closer to our most ardent supporters. However, with the commercial commitments that come with building a successful club, the pecking order of access to highly-desired areas has been more limited, however, the club has been cognizant of our efforts and afforded us the ability to announce arrivals and itinerary access to alert our supporters of accessibility to their heroes.

Chris: Just one final question David, in terms of Manchester United on the pitch, as a supporter what would you feel would represent a successful season for the club in the Premier League and what is the feeling you get from members with regards to that same question?

David: Despite all that’s transpired since Sir Alex’s departure with the task to fill the void left by the most storied tenure of any modern manager undoubtedly significant, the recent acquisitions of arguably two more world-class players in Falcao and Di Maria, even despite the comical injury bug that’s infected the team, Van Gaal’s ability to cultivate atmosphere of success will eventually transpire and nothing less than third would be as much as we can expect in another transitional year. It’s Chelsea’s season to lose and the fight for third will be the most drama of the remainder of the season.

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