Without a title in any tournament, Barcelona’s 2023-24 season will go down in history as one of the more forgettable in club history.

They are surely already thinking about next season and the summer transfer market, despite four La Liga games left. Even so, the objective would be to return with more firepower.

Coming soon to the Blaugrana fans is the much-anticipated return to Camp Nou. After being closed for over a year, the stadium will soon reopen. It will again accommodate some of the club’s most ardent fans during the next season.

Barcelona hopes for Camp Nou during the Champions League

Mundo Deportivo reports that the Catalans have already notified UEFA that they would hold next season’s games in two venues. Their season kicks off in Montjuic’s Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys. The refurbished Spotify Camp Nou, on the other hand, won’t open to the public until later in the season.

The current schedule has Barcelona returning to their Spotify Camp Nou home around the middle of December. Restoration work on the famous stadium began last summer. Thus, they had already scheduled a date for its reopening.

The original target date was November 29—the club’s anniversary—to mark the reopening of the gates. But now it’s set for December 15, when the club officials have requested that La Liga arrange the venue’s inaugural match.

Even though it won’t be finished until at least 2025, by the end of this year, 60% of its capacity should be available. For the time being, let’s just say that out of the stadium’s 105,000 seats, roughly 63,000 will be available to fans.

Big inspiration to play well in the Champions League

However, Xavi and his players will need to do well if they want the Champions League song played next season at the brand-new venue. Thus, the Camp Nou may host certain matches again, but it won’t be the site of every game.

Under UEFA regulations, teams are not allowed to switch home stadiums while competing in the group phase of European soccer. As a result, the 2024-25 group stage won’t finish until next January. It means that the Blaugrana can’t host Champions League matches at home until then.

So, if they make it to the knockout stage, Xavi’s squad may get a huge lift by playing in the Round of 16 at their stadium. While their time at Montjuic has been beneficial, the return to Camp Nou should have a far greater effect on the team’s results.

Along with a roof and escalators, the new stadium will offer a plethora of other new amenities. Despite previous reports, according to Elena Fort, the club’s spokesperson, it will not include a 360-degree electronic board. Moreover, the Barcelona Fire Department approved the breathtaking new ‘skywalk’ proposal.

From above, on the ground level, a promenade will provide a panoramic view of the stadium and the city below. Unfortunately, the ‘skywalk’ won’t be available to the public until the roof finishes. That is in 2026.