ESPN Announces World Cup TV Commentator Assignments For June 20-26

ESPN has announced its World Cup TV commentator assignments for the second week of coverage from Brazil, from June 20 to June 26.

There are few surprises in the assignments for the final games of the Group Stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Ian Darke and Taylor Twellman will commentate the US-Portugal and US-Germany games, while Fernando Palomo and Alejandro Moreno will announce the Mexico-Croatia game. Meanwhile, Ian Darke and Steve McManaman will announce the England-Costa Rica match.

One pleasant surprise is the introduction of Craig Burley as the co-commentator for the Bosnia-Iran game on June 25.

Here are the commentator assignments:

Friday, June 20
Italy vs Costa Rica, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Derek Rae & Kasey Keller
Switzerland vs France, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Daniel Mann & Efan Ekoku
Honduras vs Ecuador, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Fernando Palomo & Alejandro Moreno

Saturday, June 21
Argentina vs Iran, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Adrian Healey & Roberto Martinez
Germany vs Ghana, 3pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Jon Champion & Stewart Robson
Nigeria vs Bosnia, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Daniel Mann & Efan Ekoku

Sunday, June 22
Belgium vs Russia, Noon ET, ABC and Watch ABC; Derek Rae & Efan Ekoku
South Korea vs Algeria, 3pm ET, ABC and Watch ABC; Daniel Mann & Kasey Keller
USA vs Portugal, 6pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Ian Darke & Taylor Twellman

Monday, June 23
Holland vs Chile, Noon ET, ESPN and Watch ESPN; Jon Champion & Stewart Robson
Australia vs Spain, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Daniel Mann & Kasey Keller
Croatia vs Mexico, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Fernando Palomo & Alejandro Moreno
Cameroon vs Brazil, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Adrian Healey & Efan Ekoku   

Tuesday, June 24
Costa Rica vs England, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Ian Darke & Steve McManaman
Italy vs Uruguay, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Jon Champion & Stewart Robson
Japan vs Colombia, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Daniel Mann & Taylor Twellman
Greece vs Ivory Coast, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Derek Rae & Kasey Keller     

Wednesday, June 25
Nigeria vs Argentina, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Derek Rae & Efan Ekoku
Bosnia vs Iran, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Daniel Mann & Craig Burley
Honduras vs Switzerland, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Fernando Palomo & Kasey Keller
Ecuador vs France, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Adrian Healey & Alejandro Moreno     

Thursday, June 26
Portugal vs Ghana, Noon ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Jon Champion & Stewart Robson
USA vs Germany, Noon ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Ian Darke & Taylor Twellman
South Korea vs Belgium, 4pm ET, ESPN and WatchESPN; Adrian Healey & Alejandro Moreno
Algeria vs Russia, 4pm ET, ESPN2 and WatchESPN; Derek Rae & Efan Ekoku

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