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FOX Sports 1 to Debut ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ on August 19; New Soccer Show

fox soccer daily FOX Sports 1 to Debut FOX Soccer Daily on August 19; New Soccer Show

UPDATED: FOX will debut a brand-new daily soccer show on FOX Sports 1 beginning August 19 entitled FOX Soccer Daily. The show will broadcast daily (Monday through Friday) from 4-4:30pm ET and be recorded from a studio in Los Angeles.

In the promo for the new show, FOX claims that “The world authority in soccer is coming to FOX Sports 1, introducing ‘FOX Soccer Daily,’ the power of FOX Soccer in a daily show.”

Even though FOX Soccer, the network, will be closing its doors either in August or early September, the network name ‘FOX Soccer’ will continue its metamorphosis with the ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ TV show. Additionally, FOX Soccer Plus will continue in a more prominent role, while¬†FOX Soccer 2Go¬†will continue to show matches from the leagues and competitions that it has rights to.

‘FOX Soccer Daily’ will be in competition with ‘ESPNFC,’ the new daily soccer show from ESPN that is scheduled for launch on August 11.

FOX Sports officially announced the news regarding ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ today, but the timing of the launch of the new show is pertinent given that FOX Soccer discontinued broadcasting Sky Sports News as of July 1.

Originally, FOX Soccer had planned to show an early morning version of Sky Sports News on FOX Sports 1. But with the news that ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ will be launching on August 19, it’s quite possible that FOX will permanently drop Sky Sports News in favor of only broadcasting ‘FOX Soccer Daily.’

More details are expected to be announced soon regarding the launch of ‘FOX Soccer Daily,’ No news yet on the future of ‘FOX Soccer Report,’ and whether that will be the show that’s rebranded as ‘FOX Soccer Daily,’ or if it’ll be a completely different show with a completely different cast.

In related news, FOX has hired former Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson to anchor the new FOX Sports 1 daily talk show (‘Crowd Goes Wild’) with Regis Philbin. “Having presented sport in the UK for 12 years, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to turn my attention to the big stories making headlines in the NFL, NBA, MLB and other great American sports,” said Thompson.

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Stephen Ssonko for the news tip. Send your news tips to thegaffer[at]worldsoccertalk[dot]com.

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16 Responses to FOX Sports 1 to Debut ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ on August 19; New Soccer Show

  1. San Fransiscan says:

    I think a more successful show would be Daily with Gus.

  2. rkujay says:

    Wonder who this worlds leading authority on soccer is?

    My money is on Gus.

  3. Juan-John says:

    What TIME will FSD be aired? Clearly it ain’t gonna be during the 10pm slot.

  4. Faithless says:

    Another Canada product? No thank you. The current news on fox soccer stinks. This will probably air at 3:00am anyways, Fox doesn’t care about true soccer fans.. This might as well be hosted by their amateur announcer Gus Johnson. We don’t care what you do anymore Fox

  5. Jessica says:

    Knowing our luck it will be hosted by Brendon Dunlop, Ben Ennis, and Gus Johnson :( Hope they actually hire talent soccer fans can relate to.

  6. Guy says:

    I don’t plan to even peek in. I will go with whatever NBC and ESPN produce and decide what suits me. I do like the 5:30 slot that ESPN is projecting.

  7. rkujay says:

    Tune in to fox…


  8. CTBlues says:

    Fox Soccer News is crap. They better get far away from that. Why would they bring in Regis Philbin to do a sport show?

    • rkujay says:

      Probably the same focus group that gave them the theory that racing and rasslin’ would bring them a better return than footy.

  9. sucka99 says:

    They can’t possibly cover all the news in 30 minutes (which would really be 21 minutes). Who would be in this if it’s going to be produced out of LA? Rob Stone and Eric Wynalda? No thanks.

    And no weekend show? ESPN FC at least has that one hour show on Sunday night even if it’s heavy on speculative punditry and light on actual news or highlights.

    I guess Fox Soccer News was one and done. Oh well. Hopefully NBC picks up the ball. Or maybe I’ll just keep streaming SSN’s paper review in wee hours.

    But … Georgie Thompson and Regis Philbin?? This I gotta see! I guess the F1 Channel didn’t work out for her.

  10. Smokey Bacon says:

    Give me back my Sky Sports News you b*stards!!!

  11. Mark Page says:

    Very sorry to be losing Sky Sports News. Really enjoyed that show.

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