MLS Season Pass is here, but its somewhat high subscription cost has fans of Major League Soccer hunting for a deal. Now, there is a way to save $70 when signing up for the home of Major League Soccer.

It combines MLS Season Pass and Apple TV+. Note that these two subscriptions are different. You do not need Apple TV+ to subscribe to MLS Season Pass. However, there are certain advantages (and savings).

Apple TV+ subscribers can get MLS Season Pass for $12.99 per month. Or, they can subscribe to the annual option that covers the entire season for $79. Comparatively, the base fee (without Apple TV+) for MLS Season Pass is $14.99 per month or an annual option at $99.

Understandably, you do not want to pay for Apple TV+ just to subscribe to MLS Season Pass. We can solve that issue, too.

Includes every MLS match, MLS Cup, Leagues Cup, select MLS NEXT Pro games + exclusive content
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How to save big on MLS Season Pass with this deal

  1. Sign up for Apple TV+ through Best Buy. This deal is offering THREE MONTHS for FREE on Apple TV+. You will get an email confirmation after checking out.
  2. Activate the offer from Best Buy at the Apple TV website.
  3. Using the same Apple ID login information that you used when signing up for Apple TV+ for three months free, subscribe to the ANNUAL option for MLS Season Pass. It should say $79, the yearly cost for Apple TV+ subscribers.
  4. After signing up, you have all the access to MLS Season Pass with major savings.
The more savings the merrier

So, how are you actually saving $70 by using that deal? Well, the base monthly fee for MLS Season Pass is $14.99. That is likely the most common selection for subscribers. They may be unsure of a new platform, and just want to try it. Eventually, they may like it, but they forget to switch to an annual plan to save some money.

If you use the base monthly plan for an entire season, it comes out to $149.99 for the 10-month MLS campaign.

However, using this deal listed in steps one through four above, you are only paying $79 for the entire campaign, the annual option for Apple TV+ subscribers. Moreover, you do not have to pay for Apple TV+ once the free trial ends.

Once you are subscribed to the annual option for MLS Season Pass, you can enjoy your three months of free Apple TV+. But, be sure to remember to cancel the subscription if you do not want to continue. You will still have access to the year’s worth of MLS Season Pass.

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