Apple TV+ is preparing to introduce an ad-supported option for potential subscribers. This level of Apple TV+ will cost less than the current monthly subscription offer, which is $6.99 per month. However, that comes at the cost of having commercials run during shows and movies on the platform.

According to media news website The Information, Apple hired Lauren Fry. Fry is an executive with a background in digital video advertising. According to the report, Apple plans to use Fry’s expertise to introduce the ad-supported version of its paid-streaming service.

Reportedly, Apple has been seeking advertisers to run on this potential ad-supported version of Apple TV+. Commercials on sports programming are just the beginning for what Apple could do. In fact, it could rival Netflix Basic.

For those unaware, Netflix launched its ‘Basic’ version launched in early November for $6.99 per month. For reference, this is $3 cheaper than the standard, ad-free version of Netflix. Interestingly, it launched without the full complement of Netflix’s TV shows and movies due to licensing.

As the Apple TV+ ad-supported is still just a rumor, there is no indication of price or offering list.

Apple TV+ ad-supported option still has plenty

That being said, a version of Apple TV+ with ads could open some doors for those not willing to spend the full $6.99 per month. If it is, for example, $3 cheaper, the same difference between Netflix and Netflix Basic, audiences can watch shows like Ted Lasso or documentaries like War for Football at a discount.

Moreover, Apple recently announced plans for a Real Madrid documentary only on Apple TV+. That, along with MLS Season Pass debuting in February, shows Apple’s further commitment to bringing soccer content to audiences.

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There is, however, no mention of whether or not this will affect MLS Season Pass pricing. Right now, Apple TV+ users get a discount on MLS Season Pass. Subscribers paying $6.99 per month on Apple TV+ can get MLS Season Pass for $12.99 per month ($79 per year).