We’re proud to announce that the 2023 edition of the annual World Soccer Talk Awards has launched. The awards competition, voted on by soccer fans worldwide, recognizes the best in soccer media. Polls open June 1 and close on June 30.

We encourage you to vote for the best of the best in the categories below:

2023 World Soccer Talk Awards categories:


* Best TV Coverage
• Best Streaming Service
* Best TV Presenter
• Best TV Studio Analyst
* Best Commentator
• Best Co-Commentator
* Best YouTube Channel
• Best Fan YouTube Channel
* Best Daily TV Show


* Best Podcast
• Best Club Podcast
* Best Podcast Host
• Best Podcast Analyst


* Best Website
• Best Writer

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Earlier in May, our panel of experts selected the original list of nominees for this year’s awards competition. Then, we asked our readers on May 26 through May 31 to let us know of any glaring omissions. The final list of contestants is now listed above in the 15 categories.

The winners this year will be announced in early July. After voting, if you’d like to make sure you don’t miss out on being notified of the winners, sign up for our free daily email newsletter filled with soccer news and TV schedules.

World Soccer Talk Awards voted on by soccer fans

Without the soccer media who supplement our enjoyment of the sport, it wouldn’t be the same. Whether it’s writers, podcasts, YouTubers, pundits on TV or the soccer channels themselves, we owe a debt of gratitude to them all.

In last year’s World Soccer Talk Awards, more than 60,000 people voted to recognize the best soccer talent from around the United States.

On behalf of everyone at World Soccer Talk, we’d like to wish the contestants the best of luck in this year’s competition.