On this page, you can vote for the best co-commentator found on American broadcasts of the beautiful game.

Co-commentators play an important but perhaps under-appreciated role in soccer broadcasts. While the lead voice calls it as it is, his or her partner is there to provide insight that the common fan may not pick up on. Therefore, co-commentators must be able to quick with their words, but also quick with their analysis. Oftentimes, co-commentators catch flak for being biased towards one side, even if they are calling it fairly even. Soccer fans just enjoy being right, I suppose.

Knowing this, World Soccer Talk compiled a list of the most recognizable co-commentators that you can listen to on American TV. With the consistency and regularity of soccer available in the modern day, there are a number of leagues and competitions to keep track of. Therefore, the following list features co-commentators from international fixtures, domestic cup ties and, of course, domestic leagues.

Some soccer fans follow competitions more closely than others, so some co-commentators may seem somewhat foreign. Take this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of the other nominees on this list. Oftentimes, these candidates are able to provide entertaining analysis and ‘commentary’ coupled with a lead voice that is there to say literally what is happening.

There is also a strong chance you recognize a number of the names on the following poll. Unfortunately, you cannot pick multiple names. We are curious to see who the general American soccer fan base rates highly. Of course, you can use the comment section at the end of this page for further discussion. Provide more of your thoughts on who is the best co-commentator for soccer.

Best Co-Commentator

Here is the voting poll for the best co-commentator for soccer on American television. Remember, you can only vote for one name, so choose wisely!

Voting closes at midnight ET on June 30, 2023.

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