The nominees for best fan YouTube channel are some of the most devoted fans on the Internet. Even more impressive, they put their highs AND lows out there for the world to see.

For some clubs, this can be great. They share the experience of winning major games and trophies with thousands of their closest friends. For others, it is a burden. Embarrassing losses yield fans of other teams storming into the comments to berate the team. On the bright side, it tends to provide some light-hearted comedy at a time when fans could be glum.

Nowadays, the fan channels on YouTube are not reserved strictly for the Premier League. Similarly, viewers and subscribers are often not even a supporter of the club on display. It speaks to the popularity and overall enjoyment that comes about because of people reacting to their favorite club.

Something to note is that these channels are different from the team-specific channels. Using Arsenal Fan TV as an example, that channel has no correlation to Arsenal or the Arsenal YouTube page. These are strictly fans that love a team.

Best Fan YouTube Channel

Here are the candidates for best fan YouTube channel in soccer:

Voting closes at midnight ET on June 30, 2023.

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