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USMNT Must Avoid A Letdown After Their Promising World Cup

Usually in football when your recent form is two draws and two losses, questions start to be asked of the manager in question. But with the current US National Team, surprisingly that’s not the case. In a sport that is usually so trigger happy, Jurgen Klinsmann has skated while his team has suffered. Now this isn’t the same sort of situation that Mexico faced during the 2013 Hex, but the seeds of past problems are beginning to sow their roots again. How can Klinsmann and this US National Team avoid the same Second Cycle Syndrome that stymied Bruce Arena and ... Read more

FIFA’s Ethics And Principles Nothing Short of Disgraceful

FIFA was back in the news this week, which almost always means a good hearty laugh followed by a sustained period of crying. This week, we found out that the report conducted by American investigator Michael Garcia into the awarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was, in fact, a practical joke. Instead of releasing Garcia’s real report, FIFA instead published a 42 page document put together by German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert that cleared Qatar and Russia of any wrongdoing, and instead lampooned – get this – England, a country that wasn’t ... Read more

Telemundo Announces Broadcast Plans Ahead of 2018 World Cup

Spanish-language television station Telemundo has announced that they will be broadcasting the 2018 FIFA World Cup here in the United States. The NBCUniversal Television Group station will be taking over the U.S. Spanish-language World Cup broadcasting rights from Univision. Not only will Telemundo be airing the world’s largest soccer tournament four years from now, but they will also begin broadcasting additional FIFA soccer events starting in 2015. Joe Uva, Chairman of the Hispanic Enterprises and Content at NBCUniversal, has stated, “Three years and one week ago, NBCUniversal announced the game-changing acquisition of the exclusive Spanish-language U.S. media rights to the ... Read more

Analyzing How The World Cup Bidding Process Works

For many people, whilst football has continued to grow around the world, one thing still seems to be shrouded in mystery. How do you bid to host the World Cup? As viewing figures continue to grow across the world, the games global reach now spans everywhere from South Korea to Ghana, from Qatar to Belgium and FIFA has responded by taking the competition to new territories. Despite this almost universal popularity, the World Cup has only begun to move away from its two continental system in the last 20 years and it was clear for it to become a truly ... Read more

The Middle East Growing And Beginning To Assert Itself On The World Soccer Stage

It seems that the ramifications of the FIFA vote in December 2010 to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar are still being felt across the football world. Whilst there was no denying it was a left field decision by the executive committee, it wasn’t as if the Middle East had never held a sporting event previously. In the last 20 years, an incredible amount of money has been invested across the region to make both Dubai and Doha two of the rising stars of international sport. If we truly believe in the power of sport as a global force, ... Read more

Watch ‘Mike Bassett England Manager,’ the Hilarious Mockumentary [VIDEO]

It’s every Englishman’s dream to be the person who leads their country to World Cup success from the pitfalls of despair to the tears of joy and open-top bus parade around Central London. If you aren’t one of the managers of the big boys this dream will also be an impossible reality. However for Mike Bassett, this becomes his reality. Mike Bassett England Manager is a mockumentary of what it might be like to be England manager even if you not good enough to manage them. The 125-minute film also deals with hooliganism and the impression of English soccer fans aboard, and ... Read more

Landon Donovan’s Final USMNT Game Will Celebrate a Legend

Since Landon Donovan’s final USMNT game is Friday night in East Hartford, CT, it’s time to talk about legacies. Yes, the well will certainly run dry on this topic in short order, but before it goes as bare as the Aral Sea, examining Landon’s legacy is important. Whether he is the best player to ever represent the Stars and Stripes is debatable. Whether or not he is the most important player to do so is, however, not debatable at all. So what is his legacy, other than being the most important player in the history of the beautiful game on ... Read more

Women’s World Cup Players Submit Lawsuit Over Turf Issues

It wasn’t an empty threat. And it certainly wasn’t a joke. 40 of the top international world players have made good on a threat to take legal action against FIFA for its use of artificial turf in next year’s Women’s World Cup. FIFA can no longer ignore the campaign of Abby Wambach and other women’s players from across the soccer landscape, as the group filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in Ontario tribunal court against FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). The argument behind their case- gender discrimination. The women cite FIFA’s first use of artificial turf in a senior ... Read more