US private equity groups are allegedly considering acquiring the Women’s Super League in preparation for the league’s rebirth in season 2024-25.

The WSL is at a turning point just as interest in women’s soccer is at an all-time high. Once this season concludes, the Football Association (FA) said it will no longer oversee either of England’s top two competitions, the Championship or the Premier League.

Since the WSL was established in the summer of 2011, the English women’s game is undergoing its most significant transformation in the next year. Thus, in order to accommodate more teams, the FA is planning to revive the Women’s Super League for the next season. To get this idea off the ground, however, they need $30 million.

US investment group eyes 10-year stake in Women’s Super League

The FA conducted a study to determine the best course of action for the development of women’s soccer. It suggests the Premier League seizes the reins. Only around half of the clubs are on board with this idea, and several of them have women’s teams that play in leagues much below the top division.

The Daily Mail reports American private equity groups have interest in purchasing a 10-year stake in the league. They identify enormous expansion potential for the league. Interest in women’s soccer has increased after England’s campaigns at the European Championship and the World Cup. England won Euro 2022 and reached the Final of the next summer’s Women’s World Cup.

The existing TV agreement for the WSL expires in the summer. Therefore, the FA has until December to obtain the financing. Now the FA is hunting for an agreement that pleases all involved parties.

What is EPL’s and clubs’ stance?

Premier League teams would become the WSL’s proprietors under the FA’s plan. The FA retains veto power over major decisions.

Clubs in the Premier League are divided about if and when a takeover should occur. They also debate who should pay and what any amount needs to be. There are half as many women’s Premier League teams as there are men’s. More teams play in the lower divisions.

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