Financial conflicts between Premier League teams and a relaunch of the Women’s Super League next year might derail the initiative.

According to the Daily Mail, the FA requested $31 million from Premier League teams. This can establish a new, more competitive league for the next 2024-25 season. So far, consensus has not been reached.

The FA’s plans capitalize on England’s Lionesses’ recent success. The relaunch of the women’s league comes at the same time as the next WSL TV agreement. After winning the 2022 Euro last year, England reached the Women’s World Cup Final this summer. The success created a frenzy and buzz around women’s soccer in England.

English FA would have veto power

A ‘significant minority’ of Premier League teams back the FA’s plan. But insiders have told Daily Mail that the clubs will not have enough votes to make the changes (14 are needed). The report goes on to suggest that the FA is worried that they will not have enough time to finish the relaunch by next year.

As a result, they have set a deadline of December to get the necessary cash. To implement their plan, the Premier League teams would acquire the Women’s Super League (WSL). On the other hand, the FA would retain a “golden share” that would give them veto power over major decisions.

Premier League clubs debating for each share of Super League

The Premier League’s pursuit of a WSL takeover continues. But, the clubs are said to be divided on whether or not now is the correct moment to officially present the bids.

According to the FA’s plan, the Premier League would be responsible for covering the first investment. While there is widespread dispute among the clubs on whether or not they should all pay and how much they should each put in.

It seems unlikely that the teams will be divided along the same lines as the classic “Big Six” and “other 14” groups. To add more complexity, just half of the EPL’s sides are represented in the WSL, and several of those teams play in lower divisions.