Neymar, formerly of Paris Saint-Germain, was transferred this summer for 90 million euros to Saudi Pro League side Al-Hilal. The Brazilian is just one of the sport’s biggest stars from across the globe that has moved to the Middle East this season. And now Neymar has made comments regarding PSG and Ligue 1.

This summer, Paris Saint-Germain made significant modifications to their transfer strategy, which led to the Brazilian’s departure along with his buddy and former colleague Lionel Messi. While Neymar relocated to the Middle East, the Argentine decided to join Major League Soccer‘s Inter Miami.

The current champions of Ligue 1 have been trying to spice things up in the transfer market. Their plan has now become to stop signing big-name players and start focusing instead on developing talent at home and making trades that will last.

People see Ligue 1 as ‘lower league’

Meanwhile, it’s common knowledge that Ligue 1, which has been dominated by only one club recently, has been a punchline in internet jokes in the modern era. A lot of people call it a ‘farmer’s league’ because of how poorly it stacks up against Europe’s other major divisions.

However, when the game’s best players add critical commentary to the discussion, it doesn’t assist the French league’s efforts to rebrand themselves as an elite competition. Indeed, such was the case with Neymar.

What did Neymar say of PSG and Ligue 1?

While with the Brazilian national team, the 31-year-old was questioned about the relative strength of Ligue 1 and the Saudi Pro League. He then responded:

“Soccer is the same there. I can assure you that soccer in Saudi Arabia is the same. The ball is round and we have goalposts. In my opinion, with the names that have moved to Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saudi Pro League is better than the French Ligue 1. The training sessions are intense.

“I’m thirsty for titles. I want to win with Al-Hilal. For me, it doesn’t change anything, and it doesn’t matter what people say. They said that League 1 was weak, but that’s where I suffered the most. It’s going to be an interesting championship and I’m sure you’ll be watching.

“I’m not going to feel any difficulty adapting. I don’t speak Arabic, but after five, six years in France, my French sucked. It won’t be different”, he said, via RMC Sport.

Photo: Imago