The Premier League is the undisputed worldwide leader when it comes to generating television revenue in soccer. After all, the English division not only brings in the most money, but they dominate other significant leagues.

A previous report even showed that relegated English teams in 2022 earned higher broadcasting funds than champions of other European leagues. In fact, only Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid actually make more media money than the Premier League’s worst clubs.

The Premier League has now released new information regarding television revenue for the 2022/23 season. Manchester City, unsurprisingly, earned the most money in the category in England. The club brought in over $222 million in broadcasting alone during their dominant campaign. Pep Guardiola’s side collected the English top-flight title, as well as the Champions League and FA Cup trophies.

Leeds, Southampton generated more TV money than MLS last season

City’s 2022/23 television revenue is an impressive figure all by itself. However, it is even more astounding when compared to generated broadcasting money in Major League Soccer. The North American top flight’s current global rights contract with Apple TV helps bring in $250 million per year.

This number was previously agreed between the two sides in their agreement. The two sides signed a 10-year deal back in the summer of 2022 which makes Apple TV the exclusive home of MLS. In the partnership, MLS teams essentially share $250 million each season. The agreement will be in place until the completion of the 2032 campaign.

Not only does City nearly generate as much TV money as the entire MLS alone, but lower-level English clubs also compare favorably to the North American division. Leeds and Southampton were both relegated last May after finishing in the bottom two spots of the Premier League. Nevertheless, they combined to earn more media money than all 29 MLS sides.

The Saints, despite being the worst English top-flight team that year, raked in just over $130 million in TV revenue. Leeds picked up just over $141 million during the same timeframe. This means that the duo generated about $272 million combined during their disastrous 2022/23 seasons, $22 million more than MLS as a whole.

MLS clubs can earn extra incentives in Apple deal

The Apple/MLS deal is also locked in place for the next nine years. MLS commissioner Don Garber recently claimed that the league can earn more broadcasting revenue. This is, of course, assuming that an undisclosed number is met.

“It’s a partnership, and that’s the most different aspect of it,” Garber said of the stipulation in the Apple deal. “After we hit the minimum guarantee from Apple, we make 50 cents of every dollar. That’s the risk in this deal. I’m highly, highly confident we’ll get into that revenue share.”

Nevertheless, the risk in the agreement has yet to pay off for MLS teams. The aforementioned minimum guarantee was not hit in the first year of the partnership. There is, however, still plenty of time for the league to continue growing and reach the extra incentive in the future.

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