Both AC Milan and Inter have recovered from their difficult years and are performing at their previous levels. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the Nerazzurri are close to securing their 20th Serie A championship.

They are on their way to becoming the only other Italian club, along with Juventus, to be awarded the second star. On the other hand, AC Milan has finally settled into a routine; they won Serie A not long ago and advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League before losing to Inter.

But finding a solution for each team’s home stadium remains a challenge. They may soon find themselves away from the legendary San Siro.

It is one of the most magnificent and fantastic stadiums in the world. With all the recent political action, it’s been hard to keep up with the headlines and everyday events in this narrative.

Several factors motivate the two clubs’ desire to depart San Siro, with financial considerations being the most important. Most Italian stadiums are owned by the city, and the teams are required to pay rent.

The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, has been doing everything he can to ensure that both teams remain at San Siro. Despite his most recent meeting with them to explore the possibility of yet another reorganization, some problems remain.

They have voiced their ongoing concerns about the possible income losses for the seasons impacted by the works. As a result, both teams are already hard at work on their new stadium projects.

What did AC Milan owner say about replacing San Siro?

So, despite the mayor’s best attempts to save the ancient San Siro stadium, the Rossoneri’s American owner Gerry Cardinale has promised to construct a new stadium. He revealed that it will be “American-like” and could accommodate 70,000 spectators.

The team is ready to proceed with the development of its new stadium on the outskirts of the Italian city, Cardinale stated.

“We’ve made more progress in 18 months than I think has ever been made in terms of a new stadium in Italy. We can start to do things differently [in football],” Cardinale said at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit in London.

“European football’s ecosystem needs to change. We want to bring change with a great American-like stadium that we will own. We owe it to the fans.” Alongside him, retired soccer great Zlatan Ibrahimovic made light of the situation: “San Siro will miss me more than I will miss San Siro.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic comments on the state of soccer in Italy

Italy’s obstinate red tape has made it hard to construct new venues for local teams. That’s why the Swedish superstar wholeheartedly agreed with Cardinale’s vision for the club.

“There’s a big gap between Serie A and other leagues. It’s all about the budget, the economics. Italy needs something more, they need something new,” Ibrahimovic added. He also said the supporters would finally get what they deserved.

By running the club differently, they might attract better players and economics, which would lead to a domino effect.