Inter, AC Milan, and the San Siro’s fates are almost unraveling before our own eyes. Both are refocusing their efforts after years of setbacks in attempts to build a new stadium.

The team that has been taking the other, more aggressive, tack is AC Milan. Both teams eventually lost their patience, but the Rossoneri did so first.

They have purchased a property in the San Donato neighborhood. It has marked a significant milestone in their plan to construct a new stadium and exit San Siro. As they strive to finish the stadium by 2028, the club is currently focusing on the bureaucratic procedures.

The Rossoneri will construct a new stadium in San Donato; this much is now certain. Without Inter’s help, they will do this on their own.

The Nerazzurri, meantime, have selected Populous as the architects for their new stadium and are now hard at work on the project. They would want to move out of Giuseppe Meazza by the 2028-29 season and into their new home.

“Save San Siro” initiative

What happens to the San Siro stadium is still an open subject. The clubs will get $325 million to upgrade the stadium and its environs, according to a proposal announced earlier this month at the City Hall.

Sustainable, urban, organic, safe, and smart are the five guiding concepts that the planned stadium tries to embody. It provides an urban square vibe that encourages community involvement while blending in with its surroundings.

Effective flow management, transparent communication, and technology safety systems are the cornerstones of our safety procedures, which are in line with worldwide standards. Improved connection, easier access to services, and overall event satisfaction are the top priorities for the stadium’s smart features.

The existing capacity of 70,000 seats will be enhanced by an additional 5,000 seats inside the venue. New guest rooms, VIP sections, bars, and conference spaces will be added to the fourth level, making it more accessible and useful.

The San Siro is known for the fiery atmosphere it creates
The San Siro is known for the fiery atmosphere it creates

The San Siro is known for the fiery atmosphere it creates

What did Milan Mayor say?

However, it seems like this is all a ploy to get the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri to change their minds. The Milan Mayor reportedly aims to delay their plans to construct additional residences outside of the council’s jurisdiction.

Within the next several days, the Milan Mayor will meet with both sides to gauge their level of enthusiasm for the San Siro reconstruction project.

The Derby della Madonnina rivals will reportedly meet next week with Giuseppe Sala, as reported by Corriere della Sera. If any team wants the stadium restructured, Sala will want to hear their thoughts.

“I think it’s still a wide-open game, we’ve seen everything in recent years. Has Milan purchased the land in San Donato? It’s a step forward, but I continue to be confident and maintain dialogue with the clubs.

“If I didn’t see possibilities for San Siro on their part, I would look for other solutions, but in my opinion, there are still some”, Sala said.

“The contacts with the two teams are continuous. Milan are certainly ahead but we have already said this. But I believe the game is still open. I haven’t lost confidence in the possibility of saving San Siro.”

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