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/ 14 days ago

AC Milan aspire to emulate New York Yankees with new stadium

Ever since their rough patches, AC Milan and Inter have bounced back to their old selves. What makes the Nerazzurri's impending 20th Serie A title all the more remarkable is that they are quite close to achieving it. On par with Juventus, they will join an exclusive group of Italian clubs to get the second […]

AC Milan

/ 44 days ago

Milan wants to build ‘American-like’ arena to replace San Siro

Both AC Milan and Inter have recovered from their difficult years and are performing at their previous levels. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the Nerazzurri are close to securing their 20th Serie A championship. They are on their way to becoming the only other Italian club, along with Juventus, to be awarded the second […]

AC Milan

/ 63 days ago

City mayor wants San Siro, Milan and Inter set on different road

Inter, AC Milan, and the San Siro's fates are almost unraveling before our own eyes. Both are refocusing their efforts after years of setbacks in attempts to build a new stadium. The team that has been taking the other, more aggressive, tack is AC Milan. Both teams eventually lost their patience, but the Rossoneri did […]

AC Milan

/ 65 days ago

Neither EPL nor Bundesliga: San Siro best crowd per Pulisic

After seeing many European stadiums, Christian Pulisic has decided that AC Milan's home stadium is the greatest. In an interview with GQ, the attacker for the United States men's national team spoke about his time in Italy. As one would expect from a soccer-mad star, the subject immediately reverted to the San Siro, the stadium […]

AC Milan

/ 73 days ago

$325m project to keep Milan and Inter at San Siro revealed

While planning their new stadium, AC Milan and Inter might face an unexpected obstacle. It seems like there's a proposal afoot to restore San Siro so the teams can stay put. San Siro repair plans were unveiled on January 31 to extend the time that AC Milan and Inter would be able to play in […]

AC Milan

/ 149 days ago

Italy put forward bid to host Champions League final after decade

Milan's Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, or San Siro as it is most generally known, has officially submitted a bid to host a Champions League Final. Milan's mayor has officially approved plans to host the Final in one of the years 2026 or 2027. It has been ten years since Real Madrid's penalty shootout victory against Atletico […]

AC Milan

/ 161 days ago

Tears of joy in my first visit to San Siro

My memories of attending my first game at San Siro in Milan date back to April 9, 2016. Milan played against Juventus, and it left an indelible mark on my heart. I feel a deep and lasting connection to that experience. It is a story I am always eager to share with others. Thinking back […]

AC Milan

/ 182 days ago

AC Milan and Inter urged to stay at San Siro in last-ditch effort

Milan's mayor Giuseppe Sala has suggested that Inter and Milan give the San Siro stadium another look and rethink leaving the project. The two Milanese giants opted to cooperate on a joint effort in 2019. They planned to tear down the existing San Siro stadium and replace it with a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. However, this […]

AC Milan

/ 208 days ago

Newcastle holds Milan to draw in first UCL game in 20 years

AC Milan and Newcastle played a scoreless draw on Tuesday in Italy. The match marked the Magpies' first Champions League game in 20 years. It also kept Milan's streak alive of not being able to beat an English team in the group stage of the competition. The teams will face tough tests against Paris Saint-Germain […]

AC Milan

/ 248 days ago

San Siro: Destiny of AC Milan and Inter stadium revealed

A death blow has been dealt to the new San Siro collaboration between Inter and AC Milan. AC Milan and Inter planned to build a new stadium together. The demolition of San Siro was a necessary step. The plan was to construct the new stadium close to the current one. Built in 1926 with a […]

AC Milan

/ 334 days ago

Inter into Champions League Final after beating AC Milan

Inter Milan beat rivals AC Milan at the San Siro Stadium on Tuesday to advance to the Champions League Final next month. It will be its first title game in the competition since collecting the trophy in 2010, a treble-winning season for the Nerazzurri. The hosts entered the second leg of the tie with a […]

AC Milan

/ 368 days ago

Milan defeat Napoli again, this time in UEFA Champions League

The all-Italian tie between Milan and Napoli saw the hosts pick up the win in the first leg. Just 10 days after thrashing Napoli in Naples, 4-0, Milan again defeated the likely Serie A champions. This time, it was in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. While the scoreboard shows a triumph for Napoli, the key […]