Lionel Messi and his teammates were given new jerseys soon after the 2022 World Cup Final ended. German sportswear company Adidas supplied the Argentina team with updated shirts featuring an additional star once they won the tournament. The three stars above the team’s crest signifies their third World Cup triumph.

While Messi and company quickly had their jerseys updated, fans will have to be patient to receive theirs. However, a video surfance on twitter showing the new three-starred shirts in production. According to Footy Headlines, the video could have been taken inside the company’s factory in Argentina. Adidas supposedly makes the 2022 team jerseys in Argentina and Vietnam.

New Argentina shirt with three stars first going to home nation

Argentine journalist Mauro Albornoz has claimed that the updated shirts will be available to the public on December 26th. However, this is only for people inside Argentina. Supply will obviously be an issue as well. Adidas will surely sell out of the three-starred jerseys fairly quickly because there will only be a limited supply available for now.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage

Here Stateside, Americans will have to wait until the spring to get their hands on the new jerseys. World Soccer Shop currently has Messi number 10 Argentina shirts on their website. However, the jerseys are obviously on backorder at the moment. The company claims that the Argentina shirts with three stars will not be available to purchase until around April of 2023.

Messi Argentina jerseys have been hot commodity

Previous, reports emerged that Adidas ran out of Messi Argentina jerseys during the World Cup. Even before the Final, soccer fans were flocking to stores to buy a Messi jersey. The superstar collecting the previously elusive trophy will only amp up demands for the shirt. This is even more the case as Adidas add the third star to the team’s crest.