The lengthy and winding road that leads towards the transfer of Kylian Mbappe from PSG to Real Madrid may be coming to an end.

The names Mbappe and Real Madrid appear to be inextricably linked in a web of persistent rumors. The Spanish powerhouses have been linked to a bid for the 2018 World Cup champion for quite some time. And it is widely believed that they will make another effort to recruit him this summer.

Mbappe’s current contract with PSG is set to expire this summer, giving him the option to leave the club and the French capital at no cost. It was predicted that the Madrid outfit would be taking advantage of that circumstance. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried to get him for nothing.

To succeed in the long run, the 2022-23 La Liga champions need a new top striker. And if Mbappe becomes a free agent next summer, he may be the ideal candidate to fill that job.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was livid after a similar effort failed last summer. Mbappe instead signed a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. It would seem that they want to have nothing further to do with him.

Multiple reasons for Real Madrid to give up on Mbappe

It looks like Kylian Mbappe’s signing by Los Blancos is unlikely for more than one reason. According to Cadena SER‘s reporting, the primary concern is the salary.

If the striker were to move to the Spanish capital, he would want a salary of at least $21.4 million each season, followed by a signing bonus of at least the same amount. Bringing in Mbappe would result in a salary that surpasses the earnings of the highest-paid players already on the team, potentially causing a significant wage imbalance at the club.

Moreover, Florentino Perez will have to pay a transfer fee to the Parisians if he signs a short-term renewal before leaving for Madrid.

If Mbappe signs a new deal with PSG before moving to Real Madrid, Los Blancos will have to pay a major fee.

The existing transfer policy is the second factor. Mbappe is turning 25 in December. There is a belief that he is too old for Real Madrid, which wants to recruit youngsters. For example, the club bought Jude Bellingham as a teenager who made his debut at age 20.

The third and last reason for Real Madrid to abandon hopes of acquiring Mbappe, the Catalan newspaper claims, is the player’s hesitation. The Bernabeu club might be left with fewer alternatives in a shrinking market. The 24-year-old ace previously rejected Real Madrid on several occasions. He may still decide to go somewhere else.

For the first time in the team’s history, they went a whole season without a designated number nine. Real was waiting for the Frenchman.

What did Madrid previously say of interest in Mbappe?

Real Madrid issued a statement a few days ago denying any conversations with Mbappe. These new rumors surfaced. This is a pretty intriguing moment.

Given the information recently issued and published by different media outlets, in which there is speculation about alleged negotiations between the player Kylian Mbappé and our club, Real Madrid CF would like to state that this information is completely false and that no such negotiations have taken place. with a player who belongs to PSG,” they said in a statement.

Nothing about the Mbappe issue is shocking at this point. Over the summer and into the season, it took new turns each week. We have no choice except to watch events unfold and see what happens.