All signs point to Luis Suarez signing with Inter Miami after his season with Gremio concludes later this month. At the age of 37, Suarez has 15 goals in 32 appearances with the Brazilian side. He ranks fourth in the Brasileirão scoring table. His exploits are a key reason for Gremio sitting fourth in the league table.

However, he recently revealed the physical struggle it is just to play. This does not strictly apply to the professional level, either. Suarez said it is hard for him to play soccer with his son in a casual manner because of prolonged damage to his knees and joints. Each game Suarez plays requires medical assistance to ensure he is at full mobility.

That starts well before the game itself. In an interview with Radio 890 Sport in Uruguay, Suarez talked about what preparations for his body look like each time Gremio or Uruguay play while battling against osteoarthritis in his knee.

“The days before each game I take three pills and hours before playing I get an injection,” Suarez said. “If not, I can’t play. Hence the limp.”

This has long-lasting effects, too. Injuries to his knee mean daily activities at home are in jeopardy.

“I have to think that in maybe five years I won’t be able to play 5-a-side football with my friends. The truth is that the first steps in the morning are very painful. Anyone who sees me thinks that it is impossible for me to play a game. My son asks me to play with him and I can’t.”

Luis Suarez brings talent and injuries to Inter Miami

The impending move to Inter Miami will bring Luis Suarez to the forefront of American soccer. He has the opportunity to link up with Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba to recreate his heyday of dominating with Barcelona. However, that will not be easy on his body if Inter Miami expects him to perform at a top level.

Surely, his abilities as a player will show in Major League Soccer. Yet, if his body prevents him from playing, that will raise clear concerns for the south Florida club.

While playing for Barcelona in the 2019/20 season, Suarez missed months after having knee surgery in the middle of the campaign.

Inter Miami already offloaded Josef Martinez after one season with the Herons. That opens up the roster spot for Luis Suarez with a designated player contract. However, the wear and tear on his body could prove costly for Inter Miami. In Gremio’s 37 games this season, Suarez started 32 of them. Last season with Atletico Madrid, Suarez played in 35 league games. That is a considerable number of games, particularly for someone at the age of 37.

Inter Miami has been cautious with the current players that used to represent Barcelona. When Messi had a muscle injury, the club did not risk worsening the knock. Jordi Alba also had an extended stay on the sidelines with a muscle injury.

Inter Miami may struggle with injuries again

If Suarez’s osteoarthritis worsens, the aging stars at the club could be costly to Inter Miami. When Messi, Alba and Busquets did play with one another, Inter Miami won the inaugural Leagues Cup. Without the trifecta, the club’s form spiraled. Inter Miami closed the season with three points from its final six league games.

Injuries happen as players get older. Knowing what Luis Suarez is fighting could be an early indication of what is to come with the Uruguayan in the Inter Miami lineup.