Luis Suarez is doing everything in his power to force a move to MLS and reunite with Lionel Messi. Even though the Uruguayan is undergoing treatment for his right knee, he is willing to pay his club to move. Brazilian outfit Gremio may not be as open to letting Suarez go. The club’s manager says Suarez is not focused on competition.

For instance, Gremio is currently third in the Brasileirao. Luis Suarez is healthy enough to play for the club. The Uruguayan participated in training with the club on Friday. Yet, Gremio manager Renato Gaucho said Suarez will only play for the club if his head is there. In other words, he believes Suarez’s only focus is reuniting with his Barcelona teammates at Inter Miami. Consequently, Gaucho left Suarez off his matchday squad this past weekend.

Mundo Deportivo went further into Gaucho’s comments. The manager identified Suarez’s ‘problem’ as something akin to a Mexican soap opera. Suarez, who had the best years of a bountiful career with the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, is ready to pay Gremio to leave.

In fact, some reports indicate that Suarez is willing to pay the club his salary to move to Inter Miami. That includes all of Suarez’s earned money from when he joined Gremio. Then, Suarez would tack on extra money to help usher in a move to MLS. This is Suarez’s first year with the club, which is making its return to the Brazilian top flight after a year in the second division.

Luis Suarez targets MLS as latest Miami rumor

Gaucho confirmed the rumors that Suarez wants to leave the club. He said everything discussed by the press is true. However, it is up to the club president to decide Suarez’s fate.

Suarez is keen to move to Inter Miami, where Lionel Messi just made headlines in his first game with the club. A 90th-minute free-kick winner against Cruz Azul became one of MLS’s greatest moments in recent history. The Twitter clip of Messi’s goal from the official MLS account has over 50 million views.

Sergio Busquets also impressed in his debut with the club, and Jordi Alba’s first appearance is surely right around the corner. Suarez wants to be a part of the train that is taking over Major League Soccer.

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