Everything is going to plan for Luis Suarez to add to the former FC Barcelona players at Inter Miami. Even though the current Gremio striker is finishing out his contract with the Brazilian club, he has no intention of staying with the side. Instead, new reports indicate the Uruguayan is seeking a one-year deal with Inter Miami that will bring him to Major League Soccer.

Spanish daily newspaper El Pais says these final eight games of Gremio’s campaign will be Suarez’s last with the club. Inter Miami has already exchanged emails with Suarez and his representatives over the terms of the contract. That will last for just one year. However, there will also be an option to add a second year to his time with Inter Miami.

For reference, Lionel Messi’s contract with Inter Miami lasts through the 2025 campaign. Therefore, Suarez having the potential to play out two seasons with Inter Miami would coincide with the potential departure of Lionel Messi. Sergio Busquets also signed a two-year deal upon joining Inter Miami. However, Jordi Alba’s contract is similar to the proposed one for Luis Suarez. Alba’s contract expires at the end of the 2024 campaign. Yet, he does have the option for an additional year.

Inter Miami has already created the space on the field for Suarez to fill in. It parted ways with Josef Martinez after just one season with the former MLS MVP. Martinez was one of the club’s designated players. Therefore, his contract discussions should be fairly straightforward.

A long-awaited move for Luis Suarez to Inter Miami

Even though the Brazilian Serie A season finishes in early December, Luis Suarez is finishing out his commitment to the club. This past summer, for example, Suarez was on the verge of signing with Inter Miami. However, the talks fell apart despite Suarez offering to pay his own contract and fees to leave the Brazilian club. Consequently, Suarez reaffirmed his status with Gremio. In doing so, he helped Gremio into a strong season where it may finish in the top four in the table. That is good enough for qualification to the Copa Libertadores.

“I committed to the club to try to play as many games as I can, it is my way of thanking them for their effort. There were days of training after the games when Renato told me not to go to train, to rest, and I went because the commitment to the club is 100%,” Suarez said previously about his time with Gremio.

In domestic play this season, Suarez has 10 goals in 25 appearances. He leads Gremio in goals and assists, which he has nine of in league play. Across all of Gremio’s competitions, Suarez has made 45 appearances. In those games, he delivered 34 goal contributions.

Healing from a knee injury

Suarez’s tally with Gremio is particularly impressive given the fact that he battled a knee injury. At the age of 37, Suarez remains talented enough to score. Fortunately for all parties, Suarez did not miss any time because of the injury. It may remain a concern for Inter Miami as it brings in the star striker.