Liverpool published a statement on Sunday that targeted VAR following a horrendous decision that disallowed a goal for the Reds. Luis Diaz scored in the 34th minute to put Liverpool ahead against Tottenham. However, VAR officials deemed that Diaz was in an offside position at the time of Mohamed Salah’s would-be assist. Instead, the video displayed Diaz was, in fact, onside, but the referees wiped the goal away. Liverpool went on to lose the game in stoppage time, 2-1.

The Professional Game Match Officials Board, or PGMOL, is responsible for assigning and checking the referees across the Premier League. The organization attributed the disallowed goal to significant human error. That was not a satisfactory reprimand for Liverpool. The Anfield club seeks change in the dealing of VAR and the appointment of match officials to avoid these calamities.

Liverpool mainly criticized the lack of time in discussion for the VAR officials during the disallowed goal.

“We fully accept the pressures that match officials work under but these pressures are supposed to be alleviated, not exacerbated, by the existence and implementation of VAR. That such failings have already been categorised as “significant human error” is also unacceptable. Any and all outcomes should be established only by the review and with full transparency.”

Brutal VAR decision frustrates Liverpool in disallowed goal

While it did not list any particular means of remedy, the club seeks resolution of some of the problems.

“This is vital for the reliability of future decision making as it applies to all clubs with learnings being used to make improvements to processes in order to ensure this kind of situation cannot occur again. In the meantime, we will explore the range of options available, given the clear need for escalation and resolution.”

For example, Melissa Reddy of Sky Sports claims there is a push to look at the appointment of referees in Premier League contests. Three of the officials in the game worked during contests in the UAE less than two days before this major clash.

Liverpool’s reaction toward PGMOL and the Premier League may go further. The ‘range of options’ the club alludes to may be vague, but that leaves the door open to a wealth of possibilities. For example, Liverpool could sue PGMOL for affecting sporting integrity. That is by far a guarantee. Still, Liverpool the state of VAR clearly frustrates Liverpool and how it impacted this young campaign.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Colorsport