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Leagues: EPL

/ 8 days ago

Premier League club hires ref analyst to help with VAR decisions

Nottingham Forest has taken a bold step forward by bringing in Mark Clattenburg to help them navigate the unpredictable world of soccer officiating. In elite-level refereeing, his name is almost a byword. The 48-year-old has a stellar 13-year Premier League career under his belt. He has also managed the complex dynamics of the Champions League […]

English Football

/ 18 days ago

Premier League claims 96% of VAR calls are right amid issues

A top Premier League chief has proclaimed that 96% of refereeing decisions this season have been correct. Tony Scholes, the division's Chief Football Officer, made the comments during a recent interview with Sky Sports. Scholes insisted that VAR has helped boost this officiating accuracy in recent years. He claimed that referees were only right about […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 25 days ago

Premier League VAR rules undergo significant change for 2024-25

Premier League officials are contemplating a historic change that would usher in a new era of VAR in soccer. Officials in the Premier League would supposedly explain VAR decisions to spectators during gameplay. President Howard Webb of PGMOL is leading the charge on this project. It seeks to restore faith in the league's officials by […]


/ 30 days ago

Belgian top derby match to be replayed after VAR mistake

An oversight by the VAR official has resulted in a full replay of a Belgian Pro League match between Genk and Anderlecht. On December 23, at Anderlecht's Lotto Park, Genk lost 2-1 in the Belgian Pro League. Accusing a mistake in the VAR judgment, they filed a complaint with the Referee Department after the controversial […]


/ 33 days ago

Real Madrid's VAR leak prompts Spanish FA to file complaint

The new week has seen the continuation of the aftermath of Sunday's contentious match between Real Madrid and Almeria. It is because a VAR audio from two distinct events during the La Liga encounter went public without authorization. Against last-place Almeria at home last weekend in the Spanish league, Real Madrid almost avoided a humiliating […]


/ 35 days ago

Xavi says it'll be hard to win LaLiga when refs favor Real Madrid

Xavi claimed the referees in LaLiga are favoring Real Madrid, making it near impossible for Barcelona to challenge Los Blancos in the title race. Real Madrid picked up a massively controversial three points at the weekend with a win over Almeria. Carlo Ancelotti's side was the beneficiary of several calls to come back from a […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 75 days ago

PGMOL chief admits to another referee error in Premier League

Premier League referee Simon Hooper was left "devastated" after committing a crucial error in a recent match. PGMOL chief Howard Webb, who oversees the officiating board for the Premier League, revealed the news on Tuesday. The former referee now helps determine officials for each of the Premier League's games. Hooper was in charge of a […]

CBS Sports

/ 76 days ago

Christina Unkel excels in CBS role as referee rules analyst

Christina Unkel has become the star of the show on CBS Sports and Paramount+'s soccer coverage. Her manner of explaining referee decisions and interpretation of the laws of soccer has been the most effective on English-language television. Her presence on air has deepened our understanding of the rules. It allows the viewer to understand why […]


/ 82 days ago

Technology in Euro 2024 ball will help VAR make quicker calls

The ball for UEFA Euro 2024 will help referees make quicker offside and handball decisions to avoid VAR stoppages. The governing body of the sport in Europe recently unveiled the new Adidas ball for the upcoming tournament. However, more information about the exact technology equipped in the ball is being released. UEFA is now claiming […]


/ 89 days ago

What is IFAB and why do they rule the game?

The world of soccer has plenty of acronyms fans are familiar with. FIFA, EPL, MLS, CONCACAF, USSF, and many more comprise the alphabet soup of entities that govern the sport. But one that isn't so familiar is the IFAB – the International Football Association Board. But what is the IFAB, and why should you care? […]

American Soccer

/ 89 days ago

Experts warn against sin bins that MLS may trial in 2024

Major League Soccer may be set to introduce sin bins ahead of the 2024 regular season. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) approved trials for the potential new law during a meeting on Tuesday. The international group currently determines the laws and rules of soccer worldwide. Nevertheless, implementing sin bins in soccer leagues cannot become […]