SPFL to introduce VAR later this month

The Scottish Premiership, and select competitions across the SPFL, is bringing in VAR a couple of months ahead of schedule, the league announced on Wednesday. In a vote back in April, 41 out of 42 clubs voted to bring VAR to Scotland. They agreed that the change would come after the upcoming World Cup. However, […]
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/ 192 days ago

What rule changes would you like to see in the world of soccer?

Not long ago, World Soccer Talk brought up five potential rule changes to soccer. By no means are these proposed by FIFA or any domestic league. In fact, those leagues look fairly set in stone. However, every now and then, rumors start to stir up over how the governing bodies could modify the rule book. […]
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/ 210 days ago

Why soccer needs better referees, not more technology

Over the last few years, technology and Artificial Intelligence made serious advances in the world, including soccer and sport. Each month, articles and speculation arise regarding robots removing people from everyday jobs in the coming years. Consequently, that trend leaks into the beautiful game. First, goal-line technology established itself in the sport around the world. […]
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/ 426 days ago

Semi-automated offside debuts at 2021 Arab Cup

Semi-automated offside represents the newest stage of technological-integration of soccer. First off, goal-line technology provided definitive right and wrong for whether or not the ball crossed the goal line. Next, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) allowed officials to get a closer look via replay at infractions on the pitch. Taking that a step further, a new […]


/ 530 days ago

Soccer's rules that leave almost all fans befuddled

Soccer's rules seem fairly straightforward, right? Kick the ball into the opponent's net. Prevent the opponent from kicking the ball into your net. Do not use your hands. Throw-ins and corner-kicks when the ball goes out of bounds. However, there are those other rules that can stump all fans. The offside rule. The back-pass rule. […]