What leagues have goal-line technology, and which ones don't?

Goal-line technology represents the continued modernization of worldwide soccer leagues. Following the widespread use of VAR, top leagues and competitions adopted the use of goal-line technology. However, it is much less consistent across the world than VAR. The technology uses high-speed cameras in the stadium to create a three-dimensional graphic of the ball. From there, […]

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/ 14 days ago

FIFA testing controversial new offside rule, says report

Offside decisions are regularly some of the most debated topics when it comes to the sport of soccer. After all, these calls by referees can come down to mere millimeters on the pitch. This means that exciting and important goals can, and tend to be, chalked off for minuscule infractions. FIFA, with help from the […]

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/ 21 days ago

Which soccer leagues and cups don't use VAR?

As the technology becomes more widespread and available, more soccer leagues and cups adopt the video assistant referee, or VAR. This fifth official works behind the scenes to identify several infractions that may go unnoticed on the field. VAR works to address fouls. That can be a foul in the build-up to a goal or […]

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/ 34 days ago

Former EPL official purposely made VAR error to protect ref

Former Premier League referee Mike Dean has admitted that he purposely avoided correcting a mistake during a match last season while on VAR duty. The now retired official made the claim while on the Up Front podcast with Simon Jordan. According to Dean, he failed to ask match referee Anthony Taylor to review an incorrect […]

Bolton Wanderers

/ 43 days ago

Bolton manager sent off for bizarre 'misuse of technology' rule

Bolton Wanderers manager Ian Evatt picked up a red card late in the side's 3-1 victory against Fleetwood on Tuesday for illegal use of technology. No, he did not show bad behavior or throw out any abusive language. Instead, referees kicked Evatt out of the match for telling the fourth official that he made a […]

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/ 74 days ago

Veteran Premier League referee steps down after 28 years

Premier League's renowned referee, Mike Dean, has decided to retire as a video assistant referee, marking the end of his involvement officiating professional English soccer. Standing down before the start of the new season, he ends a career that began as a rookie assistant referee in the Football League and lasted for 28 years. At […]

UEFA's VAR alteration holds potential to alter destiny of top clubs

According to UEFA, the video-assistant-referee (VAR) technology is designed to review "match-changing" incidents, specifically focusing on four scenarios. These are goals, incidents in the penalty area, red cards, and cases of mistaken identity. Its primary purpose is to assist the on-field referee by identifying "clear and obvious" mistakes. In the case of a goal being […]
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/ 89 days ago

Women's World Cup refs to clarify VAR calls to crowds

Significant Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions will reportedly be explained on a microphone during the upcoming Women's World Cup. Sources at ESPN claim that FIFA has made the move to help fans better understand major decisions. This includes both the fans inside the stadium, as well as those watching along on TV at home. The […]

Survey shows global leagues want televised VAR discussions

A recent study indicates the majority of leagues across the globe favor televised discussions between referees and the VAR booth. PGMOL, the referee body of the EFL, wants to make the game more open. Therefore, it is plotting to provide more consistent glimpses into these conversations throughout the next season. In reality, there has been […]

UEFA set to add VAR to U21 Euros after blunder

UEFA is reportedly ready to introduce VAR to the 2023 U-21 Euros currently underway. The European governing body of the sport is deciding after a massive refereeing mistake during a match on Thursday. However, while the tournament just began, reports claim integrating the technology will take time. According to Italian sources, UEFA has made the […]

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/ 98 days ago

Survey shows nearly two-thirds of English fans oppose VAR

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has become one of the more contentious topics of discussion for soccer fans. While it was introduced to help limit controversy, it has, instead, practically fueled debates regarding refereeing decisions. Now, a survey led by fans in England shows that VAR is currently as unpopular as ever. The BBC published a […]