More than two weeks have passed since Xavi declared his intention to leave his position as manager of Barcelona at the conclusion of the current season. The idea that he should “liberate the players and relieve external pressure” was his motive.

Unfortunately, the impact he had hoped for from his statement has been severely lacking. It would seem that nobody at Barca is able to escape the strain. They took another hit to their dying championship aspirations when they tied a home match with 19th-placed Granada.

They have 51 points, enough for third place in La Liga, while Real Madrid and Girona are ten and five points ahead, respectively.

How Barcelona disrespected Xavi

Apparently, these days, Xavi seems to be feeling rather alone. Directors Mateo Alemany and Jordi Cruyff, with whom he had a strong rapport, departed in the summer, stripping him of his power. Deco, who was more in line with the president’s views, stepped in.

Rumor has it that Deco has reservations about Xavi’s performance on the job and isn’t hesitant to voice them discreetly. The boss, however, receives unwavering backing from the president and his associates alike during their meetings.

Even Laporta tells the management he is hoping he can reconsider and stay in the position for a little longer, as per BBC. True to his heart, Xavi is a “Cule” and a Barcelona fanatic. He supposedly finds it devastating to hear his own children criticize him as a coach at school. It’s still another argument against staying put.

Laporta may have shown his fondness for the 44-year-old publicly, but events that occurred in the days leading up to Christmas, proved his position was precarious. Laporta went to see Barcelona B play, and he wasted no time in telling reporters “off the record” that B coach Rafa Marquez was ready to step in.

In the weeks that followed, that certainty faded, but Xavi could still feel the subtle jabs in the comments. Xavi has been vague about the reasons for his departure. He claims it’s due to the outcomes sometimes and the pressure he can’t handle other times.

But his squad isn’t putting forth the same effort in training as they did last season, and they are really doing worse on the field. But it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be respected as a manager.

What did Xavi say of his personal sacrifices for Barcelona?

The Spaniard has now shown his undying devotion to the team, reiterating his rejection of AC Milan. The manager went on to detail his greatest personal sacrifices for the team, including forgoing his own income so that Laporta could acquire players.

“People on the street respect me and encourage me. The other day they chanted for me. They understand the situation of the club. Beyond the legacy of footballers, we have tried.

“Whoever comes, they will have to support them. I am grateful to the fans and it has been a pleasure, and I would only ask that you encourage the team.

“I have always prioritised Barca. Lately, I have put money out of my pocket to train Barça. At 18 years old, I didn’t listen to Milan’s offer… I’ve always been like that because I’ve felt that way.

“I already told the president [Joan Laporta] that the last year, the salary, could be allocated to whoever came. I have made many gestures as a ‘Cule’.”, he told the media.

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