In February, FIFA is visiting each nation to submit a bid for the 2027 Women’s World Cup, including the United States and Mexico. The two North American nations are combining in a joint bid to host the top international women’s soccer competition. They will compete against two other bids to host the prestigious event in the summer of 2027. The other candidates are Brazil and a joint European bid of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The visits to the three bids started on Jan. 30. The first group to welcome FIFA is the European bid. Then, FIFA will make the trip to Brazil on Feb. 20. After spending four days in South America, FIFA will travel north on Feb. 26 to inspect the facilities the United States and Mexico can offer. FIFA will not select a host for the 2027 Women’s World Cup until May 17 during the FIFA Congress.

During these three inspections, FIFA will go to locations that relate to the bidding process. For example, the governing body’s representatives will visit stadiums the countries will use. Delegates from the bidding groups will also demonstrate how they will accommodate fans, events, and teams in attendance. Also, each potential host nation will have to show how they will develop women’s soccer locally. In the United States, the National Women’s Soccer League is one of the strongest women’s leagues in the world. It has shown rapid growth, and that includes adding two teams for the 2024 campaign.

Each of the potential hosts had to submit a ‘bid book‘ that outlines the potential host cities and The United States named 11 cities, each of which are also hosting games in the 2026 men’s World Cup.

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FIFA may add 2027 World Cup to busy slate in USA and Mexico

The 2026 World Cup is certainly the highlight of what will be a massive set of summers for soccer fans in the United States. However, adding the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027 would make the USA and Mexico the hub for all of soccer for years. That starts this summer with the Copa America. Additionally, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal announced they will be coming to the United States to play friendlies. Manchester City and Chelsea also expressed an interest in coming.

Then, in the summer of 2025, City and Chelsea are guaranteed to come to the United States as part of the expanded Club World Cup. In total, 32 teams will travel to the United States to play in the new-look format. This is the same summer as the Gold Cup, but those will be on different sides of the country.

With the potential for the men’s World Cup and the Women’s World Cup to come to the United States and Mexico in back-to-back summers, North America is the focus of soccer for years. Also, the Olympics in 2028 are in Los Angeles. While that seems like it is far away, the summers will fly by with so much action in Mexico and the USA.

Long-awaited World Cup return

If the United States and Mexico beat out the Brazilian and European bids, it will end the 24-year drought for the United States in hosting the competition. The two-time hosts last held the event in 2003. Mexico has never hosted the Women’s World Cup, but it does have ample experience in hosting men’s World Cups. The 2026 tournament will be the third time Mexico has hosted.

However, Brazil has never hosted the Women’s World Cup despite the strong teams it regularly fields. Moreover, South America as a whole has never hosted the Women’s World Cup.