Club America and Chivas will reportedly play an official Liga MX match in the USA this season. The historic matchup, labeled El Súper Clásico, involves the two most successful soccer clubs in Mexico. America currently has the most league titles in the nation with 15. Chivas, on the other hand, is close behind with 12 top-flight trophies.

According to W Deportes, the most important Liga MX fixture is set to be hosted by a city in the United States. The news outlet also claims that El Súper Clásico is currently scheduled for Sep. 14. This happens to be just two days before Mexican Independence Day. While a date has been confirmed, a venue is not yet known.

America has called Estadio Azteca home since 1966. Although their home matches are typically in the legendary arena, the club will find a new temporary home. The stadium is currently undergoing renovations ahead of the 2026 World Cup. Estadio Azteca is one of 16 tournament venues across North America. FIFA also chose two other Mexican arenas for the tournament.

Two Mexican teams previously broke attendance record in LA

With alterations ongoing at Estadio Azteca, America is playing home games elsewhere for the near future. Club president Santiago Baños recently admitted that the team would be open to playing select 2024 league games north of the border. Along with hosting Liga MX fixtures in the United States, the exec also stated that America would potentially play home games in other Mexican stadiums.

Whatever city agrees to host El Súper Clásico will certainly help generate massive funds. The aforementioned outlet claims that a previous friendly between the two rivals at the Rose Bowl made around $10 million. This figure is not particularly possible at Estadio Azteca.

America played Chivas in Pasadena back in the fall in front of over 84,000 fans. Even though it was just a friendly, it broke an attendance record involving two Mexican soccer teams in the United States. The figure also narrowly beat a Major League Soccer match between LAFC and L.A. Galaxy last summer as well.

Mexican league trying to beat LaLiga to schedule game in the US

Liga MX officials look set to win the race to play a foreign regular season game in the USA. LaLiga president Javier Tebas previously proclaimed that official Spanish top-flight matches were coming Stateside. However, the exec admitted that hosting a LaLiga fixture across the pond would likely not happen until 2025 at the earliest.

Mexican games in the United States make sense for the clubs and the league. A recent study showed that Liga MX is currently the second-most popular soccer division here in the States. Despite calling the U.S. (mostly) home, MLS could not grab the top spot in the poll. Instead, the immensely admired Premier League remains the most popular soccer league in America.

Along with Liga MX having plenty of fans Stateside, Club America and Chivas are two of the most-followed soccer teams in the USA as well. The former club is now the most popular soccer side in the entire country. Chivas currently ranks third, behind their rivals and Manchester City. Hosting a match between these two extremely popular Mexican teams in the States would be massive news for American soccer fans.