Tom Brady is working to create morale at Birmingham City, and his club has started issuing fines to players that are not cordial. While the future Hall of Fame quarterback likely had minimal say in the procedure itself, Brady is bringing a new vibe to the club.

He admitted that he does not know much about soccer. However, he has extensive knowledge of winning. Perhaps he is arguing that building a relationship with the workers around the club can make a difference on the field.

Birmingham City had its list of fines leak out, and there are some unusual mandates for the club’s players. For example, the first one on the list says that whenever players show up at the training facility, they must say good morning to the front desk workers. If they do not enter through reception and say hello, they face a $320 fine.

Furthermore, players are responsible for their belongings and cleaning up after themselves. Any cup, dish and piece of silverware left in the canteen yields a $25 fine. That $25 fine is for each item left at the table once a player leaves. While eating, players are not allowed to use their phones for the first 30 minutes. If they do, they face a fine of $125.

There are more commonplace fines, too. Players must be in the correct attire, be timely with testing and show up on time for meetings and games.

Are the Birmingham City fines leading to results?

While the season is still young, Birmingham City has started well in the Championship. A draw at Swansea to open the season preceded a win at home over Leeds United. Moreover, Birmingham City advanced in the League Cup first round by beating Cheltenham.

Perhaps Tom Brady does know a little something about winning even if it is a new sport for him.