First glimpsed in leaks in late March, the Arsenal 2023/24 kit is officially here. The Gunners released its latest home shirt today. Both the men’s and women’s clubs will wear the shirt in the upcoming 2023/24 season. The new top will debut in the both teams’ finales in the Premier League and Super League seasons this weekend.

The new shirt is the classic Arsenal red with white sleeves, topped off with gold accents. A zig-zag/lighting bolt motif adorns the shirt front, upper back and socks. Dark red zig-zag vertical pinstripes go down the front of the top. In certain lighting conditions, you can see an additional tonal texture on top of the pinstripes.

The gold accent choice is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the unbeaten 2003/04 “Invincibles” Arsenal side. The authentic version of the shirt has that team’s 26-12-0 record stitched into the side.

The Arsenal 2023/24 kit

The new home top pairs with white shorts and gold trim, and white socks that feature a vertical zig-zag red stripe. The zig-zag design elements throughout the kit carry over from this year’s home shirt. There, a similar design featured in red on the white polo collar.

The Emirates logo is rendered in white, which really makes it stand out above everything else. It’s the opposite effect of the latest Manchester City shirt, where the sponsors somewhat fade into the background the club badge shines brightest.

The gold doesn’t appear as bold as it did in the leaks, especially from afar. It’s hard to see at all when you’re not up close. On TV or from the stands this will look like a much simpler design than it is.

The new shirt is available to purchase now for Gooners and kit collectors everywhere.