AC Milan winger Rafael Leao is set to release a book on his personal story as a soccer star. Entitled Smile, the book will cover a plethora of topics regarding the Portuguese playmaker. This includes his meteoric rise as one of the top wide players in the world, but also his affinity for music and fashion.

With the book now available for presale, Leao recently sat down with Corriere della Sera to discuss a series of subjects. Of course, the book was talked about, but the soccer star also made some interesting admissions revolving around his career.

For starters, Leao does not appreciate how much emphasis is now on statistics. Forwards are essentially critiqued based solely on how many goals they score. The winger was asked directly about his ability to score gorgeous goals but also claimed that there is much more to his game.

“Football today is just statistics. And I don’t like it,” stated Leao. “Football is magic, joy. It makes me angry that people only think about numbers. If you have a bad game, but then you score, they say ‘Wow.’ I’m not like that. Because people have to have fun. So I have to have fun, too. I’m for beauty.”

Winger says his ‘future is at Milan’ amid transfer speculation

Along with addressing his distaste for statistics, Leao also spoke about his future. The winger was previously the subject of intense transfer speculation during the most recent summer transfer window. Nevertheless, the star eventually stayed with Milan and even signed a new long-term contract.

Despite the fresh deal, Leao is still rumored to be a target for several top teams come summertime. One club, Paris Saint-Germain will likely continue to be linked with the Portuguese star in the months ahead. Superstar Kylian Mbappe looks almost certain to join Real Madrid this summer and the French giants will need a replacement. PSG is expected to talk to Milan regarding the winger.

Nevertheless, Leao has proclaimed that his future lies with the Italian team. “My future is at Milan. I’m here and I still have a four-year contract,” continued Leao. “Milan helped me when I was in a very difficult situation, they were close to me. I don’t forget, I’m loyal. I arrived as a boy and here I grew up as a man and as a footballer. My head is here.”

Milan star Leao has a point regarding the importance of statistics now

Leao’s comments regarding an extreme emphasis on statistics certainly have some validity to them. Scoring goals is the most important thing a player can do on the pitch. However, players can also positively and directly influence matches without necessarily scoring and assisting goals.

Attackers who link up with teammates, pass well, and help out defensively are also important as well. Arsenal‘s Kai Havertz specifically falls into these categories. The German may not score tons of goals, but he tactically fits in well with manager Mikel Arteta’s system.

PSG may also have to look elsewhere for a potential replacement for Mbappe. Assuming that Leao is off of the board, the Parisians will have to go to plan B. Fellow Serie A star Victor Osimhen could very well be the club’s next real target.