To some, Copa America TV rights have been a mystery in the United States. In 2021, FOX finally made the rights easy to come by when it broadcasted all of the Copa America. Lionel Messi and Argentina won that tournament as droves of fans tuned in as history happened. Fortunately, fans do not need to search for a new home of the Copa America in 2024.

For Copa America 2024, FOX is once again broadcasting every game of the competition for viewers in the United States. Notably, this does not mean the FOX over-the-air channel. While FOX will have games, the majority of games are available on basic cable channels. Therefore, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are each broadcasting games, with the former having the most games among FOX’s channels this summer.

In terms of actual breakdown, the FOX OTA channel will have coverage of seven games in the Copa America. The main home for the Copa America this summer on FOX is Fox Sports 1. FS1 will have 22 games in the tournament. Both FOX and Fox Sports 1 will have coverage of games in the group stage and knockout stages of the tournament. The final three games to round out the 32-game competition are available on FS2. These games are the final group-stage games when there are simultaneous kickoffs. Therefore, one game in a group will air on FS1, while the other is available on FS2.

The Copa America TV schedule lays out coverage for every game at the tournament. Even though we do not know which teams will compete in the last 16 and onward, FOX has already decided which channel is airing certain games.

FOX has TV rights to the exciting 2024 Copa America

Fans in the United States will have a vested interest in this summer’s Copa America compared to those in previous years. On one hand, the United States men’s national team is playing. It is the fifth time the United States is playing in the Copa America, and it is the first since 2016. In that year, the USMNT reached the semifinals before bowing out to Argentina.

That tournament was in the United States as the first edition to not take place in South America. Fans watching the Copa America this summer will have the chance to witness that again. The 2024 Copa America is in the United States. With an opportunity like this, American fans can purchase tickets to watch games if they do not want to watch on TV.

World stars in the Copa America

FOX has the rights to both the Copa America and the European Championship, international competitions that are happening simultaneously this summer. Much like Euro 2024, part of the reason to watch the Copa America is to see the stars involved.

Lionel Messi will be a driving force behind FOX’s coverage much like he has been significant for Apple TV and MLS Season Pass subscriptions. Beyond the Argentine, fans can watch Luis Diaz of Colombia, Darin Núñez and Federico Valverde of Uruguay, or a host of stars from Brazil. Plus, having the best players for the USMNT in action will be a joy after they reached the knockout stages of the World Cup in 2022.


Copa América 2024

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